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The New Naval Warfare

At the start of the 20th century, Britain’s Royal Navy was the dominant sea power in Europe. Over the years it had grown extensively to accommodate a thriving maritime commerce and the need to reap the produce of Great Britain’s overseas colonies. The rise of Germany, after its unification in 1871, presented an  unwelcome challenge […]

Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics: An Account of First Principles in the Fluid Mechanics and Flight Dynamics of the Single Rotor Helicopter

Remembrance Sunday Commemorations

This Sunday 9th and Tuesday 11th November 2014, thousands of people across the country will be remembering the end of one of the bloodiest wars witnessed by mankind. To remember the heroes and victims of the Great War, the Second World War and other more recent conflicts, the traditional time-honoured tribute will take place at […]

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The First Battle of Ypres

A centre of sustained fighting between the Allied and invading German forces, Ypres saw many intense battles during the First World War. The first of these, the Battle of Ypres,began in October 1914, shortly after the war began. It was to be one of the most vicious of the war, ultimately cementing a stalemate on the Western Front as both sides realised […]

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