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Bishopsgate Institute hosts series of WW1 talks

homepage22This autumn, the Bishopsgate Institute, located near Liverpool Street station in London, is hosting a series of talks on World War One. The next talk, on Wednesday 3 December, focuses on women at the home front from 1914-1919.

When the First World War broke out, thousands of men answered the call. Consequently, almost an entire generation of men fought on the front lines while women were left to serve the war effort at home. They began to take up essential, traditionally male roles – from transport to policing, munitions to sport and even politics. They were a recognised part of the war machine and were now acquiring their own rights and often an independent income.

Kate Adie, who became the BBC’s chief news correspondent in 1989, will present the talk. She hails the women who challenged discrimination and charts the seismic move towards equal rights with men that began a century ago. She asks: “What did these women achieve for future generations?”

Adie has reported from war zones around the world and is a correspondent on BBC Radio 4. She has authored four bestselling books, including Fighting on the Home Front, and was awarded an OBE in 1993.

This is a talk well worth attending to gain a new perspective of women during the 1918-18 conflict.

For a look at other forthcoming First World War talks and discussions, see http://www.bishopsgate.org.uk.

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