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Differential equations and control theory

Dogs were valued comrades for soldiers at the front line, particularly in the French, Belgian and German armies. Highly trained and reliable, these service animals gave essential strategic and medical support. Their companionship was also good for morale: some regiments even adopted dogs as their mascots. Here are five ways dogs took part in the […]

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Zeppelin shot down in a blaze over London

Handbook of Thin Film Deposition Processes and Techniques. Principles, Methods, Equipment and Applicatios

Civilians watched in the streets one night in 1916, when an enemy zeppelin was shot down near London. It caught fire and blazed like a lamp in the sky: a long balloon burning brighter every second as it crashed, slowly, north of the city. The light reminded witnesses of the gas-fuelled lightbulbs in their homes: […]

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The New Naval Warfare

At the start of the 20th century, Britain’s Royal Navy was the dominant sea power in Europe. Over the years it had grown extensively to accommodate a thriving maritime commerce and the need to reap the produce of Great Britain’s overseas colonies. The rise of Germany, after its unification in 1871, presented an  unwelcome challenge […]

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