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The New Naval Warfare

At the start of the 20th century, Britain’s Royal Navy was the dominant sea power in Europe. Over the years it had grown extensively to accommodate a thriving maritime commerce and the need to reap the produce of Great Britain’s overseas colonies. The rise of Germany, after its unification in 1871, presented an  unwelcome challenge […]

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The First Battle of Ypres

A centre of sustained fighting between the Allied and invading German forces, Ypres saw many intense battles during the First World War. The first of these, the Battle of Ypres,began in October 1914, shortly after the war began. It was to be one of the most vicious of the war, ultimately cementing a stalemate on the Western Front as both sides realised […]

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Double exposure: photos and illustrations of WW1

The First World War broke out during a unique moment in news reporting. The way we visualised news events was profoundly changing, as illustrated papers moved steadily away from hand-drawn artwork and towards photography. Court reporting aside, it would be strange today to see a news report illustrated with a drawing, but this was standard […]

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Shareholder-Value im Lebenszyklus: Methoden einer marktwertorientierten Unternehmensführung (Markt- und Unternehmensentwicklung Markets and Organisations) (German Edition)

As I mentioned in one of our last  articles, “A Dazzling Idea”, the concept of using art and design in warfare is a very old one. For many years different societies and cultures have sported colourful and sometimes elaborate uniforms as a method of intimidation or as an indication of rank. Of course, by 1914 […]

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Trafalgar Square and the Great Financial Offensive

In the early years of the First World War, Trafalgar Square played an important part in rallying the nation’s young men to fight for the British Empire on the front lines. Victoria Cross winners were paraded through the square, their heroic exploits bellowed to the crowds, and recruiters such as Sergeant Newsand (pictured in 1915) […]

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A dazzling idea

Color in architecture façade

The idea of using art and design in warfare is a very old one. Societies and cultures throughout history have painted their bodies or sported colourful, and sometimes elaborate, uniforms as a method of intimidation or as an indication of rank. As war became mechanised, art was used to decorate war-machines. In the First World […]

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