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New death: pictures of the flamethrower in action

Don't Eat This If You're Taking That: The Hidden Risks of Mixing Food and Medicine

Flamethrowers — known as flammenwerfer during the war — were a German invention: they appeared on the Western front in 1915. The special violence of death by fire was a shocking development. The British press was fascinated by the gruesome new device, Wartime propaganda condemned them as another example of German ‘barbarism’, but the British […]

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La pasión de la reina

With a twist of dark humour, these Belgian planes have been painted for extra fighting spirit. One shows comedian Charlie Chaplin, superstar of the early cinema. The newspaper commented on the oddity, as ‘one more testimonial to the universality of fame which a really humorous and original player commands’. The second plane bears an image […]

Integrated Land Use and Environmental Models: A Survey of Current Applications and Research

First World War facts: communication experiments

  A world war meant the movement of vast numbers of people, increasing the demand for communication, but also increasing the difficulties and dangers. All the warring nations were faced with challenges to their communications networks. In this era of ships and trains — and bombs and torpedoes — the need to send information quickly […]

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Color in architecture façade

An iconic feature of war for centuries, soldiers’ songs are a “go-to” for boosting morale and raising the spirits of the men as they marched to war. In this image, printed in The Sphere in October 1914, the soldiers are depicted merrily singing along to “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary” as they march through […]

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