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A Giant Russian Biplane: An "Ilya Mourometz" a Monster among Heaver-Than-Air Machines

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Now that the .part pled by aircraft in the war is bec min more and mre importut., and there is as mach discumion about German ” Fokkes,” the fLue feats of mriti and Frmat airmen, air-raids, and the airdefens of Loadon at Paris, it is inteesting to mal the fact that our Russian AIlies pssess e of the meot wonderful types of the heavie-Ma ir machine, an invention of l ussian origi. The h’ge biplane named the ” Ila Muremet ” was designed and buit by the Russian engineer Si ky befre the war, an aoused immense interest, in the autmn of 1913 and the succeeding spriag, by its ights over metrerad. She w for ver a ‘ars with t6 peasegers, and hr oer huars with the ordinary. ~ew of eight. The ” WI Mosomets,” alse known as te Sikorsky biplae, has given its name to t t ype, o which ether emphs have slace hbeaS bilt. The Bae phoegkaph heie rero- duced shows wel the enernia dsae of the machine (though this e is net the largest), by cmsparisee with the men standing by it ad the door in the bdy f’ the car. The dim i

of the original “Iya M rometz ” are : length, 5 ft.; span, lzs ft.; bearing surface, 1958 sq. ft.; weight, 3 tons. There we four engines with a total horse-power variously stated from eto 66o h.p., two of them being auil ist for use if the other two are put out of action. These big Russian biplanes have not been heard of quite so much as was expected daring the war, but they have done important service. For example, a Petrograd communique of October so stated : ” Our ‘ Ilya Morometz ‘ airplanes yesterday made a raid on the station of P~i t , south-east of Mitan, and dropped several dozen bombs on the buildings and rolling stick.” On April 21 last one attacked the railway station at Soldau, and two days later that of Plock. The same day two bombed the station at aa and the aerodrome at Sanniki On April 24, ten bombs, one weighing nearly 2 cwt., were dropped on Neidenburg. On July 5. during a fr-hours’ scouting flight in the San district, another ” Ilya Mouenet ” bombarded the station at Przeversk. They can carry enough petrol for flights of 30o to 400o miles.

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