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"A Landmark in the History of the World": The Russian Revolution—Scenes in Petrograd

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The street fighting in Petrograd during the Russian Revolution took place chiefly between troops, who had joined the movement, and the police, who fired from windows with rifles and machine-guns. At the outset of the disturbances some of the troops had to fire on the crowd, but afterwards themselves joined the Revolution. A brief summary of the decishe events in Petrograd was given in the House of Commons by Mr. Lloyd Georce. He said: ” The incidents in connection with what I believe will prove to be one of the landmarks in the history of the world, have followed each other with such dramatic suddenness that it has not hitherto been possible, and it is not possible to-day, to give a detailed account of what has actually occurred. There has for somre time been deep discontent in Russia, of which there have been several manifestations, due to the inefficiency of the Government in the conduct of the war. On Friday, March 9, some

riots, due to the scarcity of food, occurred in the streets of Petrograd. This was the occasion, rather than the cause, of the Revolution which immediately followed. The soldiers who were commanded to take action against the rioters refused to obey orders, and gave their support to a Committee of which the President of the Dumra was the head, which had been suddenly formed for the purpose of preserving order, and the control of the Government passed larcely into the hands of this Committee. A Provisional Goverlment was formed of which Prince Lvoff was the head. . . . As far as our information goes, the Revolution has been brought about with very little bloodshed, and the new Government is receiving the support of the country as a whole and the Army and the Navy…. It is satisfactory to know that the new Government has been formed for the express purpose of carrying on the war with increased vigour.”

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