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CHEERO The things we get in Hospital are numerous and “bong” (Though we put through painful moments when the M.O. comes along); We have Sisters who are angels and we fellows ought to know Likewise downy cots to doze in, where the sheets are white as snow; But we hang out flags in Hospital when happening to get Some delicious fragrant packets of Abdulla* s Cigarette. There are gifts of fruit and flowers far too numerous to tell, Also eggs with loving messages inscribed upon the shell; We have “dressings down” from Matron for our more than sinful acts, And from dear old spinster Aunties we receive alarming Tracts; But we beat the drum in Hospital on days we chance to get A delightful distribution of Abdulla’ s Cigarette We have bad, blue-mouldy hours when we can’t forget the pain, And we dream of games and pastimes we shall never share again But the’re cheery Concert-parties and kind folks who sing us hymns, And most helpful small mementoes such as brand-new clockwork limbs; And we’re “in the pink” in Hospital the moment that we get Such a splendid patent Tonic as Abdulla’ s Cigarette. If there’s anyone who wonders what to send us Boys in Blue, We’re “dead nuts” upon Abdullas and there always seems too few! Applications of Abdullas soothe and cheer and give us heart, And a wonderful improvement soon appears on every chart– For there’s not a Lad in Hospital who isn’t wild to get At a beautiful big boxful of Abdulla’ s Cigarette. R.H.TURKISH EGYPTIAN VIRGINIAN

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Issue 2348. - Vol 90

Sep, 14 1918

Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News