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Accelerated Recruiting in India

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india’, Nirth \’Wet frntier x.li the regin, -ir- r,,uilint it tlh..n there i. I.; t:v The treat ” of I’re-t-Ilxto–k I.:- given ‘he enem-y the honle of vc-r:.l ral- tlhr,:gh the .hi-hle Ea– .:nd the e rto- ;ive hunm ..tan*.g- -t. -r r t, ,h e , -teredl bI lile Pa . a-i llwa All. al. *ng the e hlghw.. v- lie v. -t re uri-e- in ii.. ·i ;nlt ni..i pmwer. ,n hlii, h the t ,mernl art :tatt ..- f, r qea;r- leen a- -ting gree” t} ee-. India i. the ione unit .f the EImpire whicth l.os it in her pt’ter lie mteet thie iVw mliellace. ia ing Itlculationll. ilpoI the la, t i t-u., she h,:ls tome- tlung like 75.. 1i ,on mllen oif inultary- age eighteell t,, tifty-onel ., far. ,nlh 1.0,000 oif them have. ;utrd!ing t, a recent u,flit itl -tatement, been ,’r. twn iup, a l here i- a- . – el-lutent e. n,. lack t men t,, i’5erme the iIil N.or i- there anv .i-trtiultn in htn’ng lea:der- fr mer. N:lmeriou- Int:s-n Armn .,ltti-er- have pr,-el their capaitl. a. l·lter-: n; n thill-antl- iof pr,,mi-ing yunllg nlen, InIIy .,f them’ wit h Brnth I educational qualifica- u11om, can retadily be tra;ined as commis ioned offlicers. Inlia not only has vast mian – power, linbut the ha, th,- will to u-e it. The Imperial author;tie, have therefore done well to a-k India to prepare her forces to meet the

Gterman menace sweeping Eastiards. The call sent fromn thi- country at the beginning of this ear in the n: me of the King-Emper.,r and the P’rime Mlll-‘er went -tra;iht to the hearts of Inian’-. and they are dI tog everi-thlng in their piw(r to to optrte wtl h the a;t horitie, in their effort to deve.l p Indtan mnn pa,-er Committees and sulb- t, mnitttee- have been established in varius parts of India to bring the sWar situation home to Indians by tmean, of cinen:atuograph how’s, picture papers, iorlitnary newspaper,, pamphlets, and lectures. nfhtlential Indian. of all raes aind creeds are also doingt a great deal of indiitidual work to stimulate recrulting. In constituting the-e committees to work h nd m hand with the Central Man-Power and Plubhlittv EIord-. widening the area of recruit- ment. end removing the bar that excluded Indians from the commi,.ioned rank, the authorities have shown a remarkable appreciation of the situation atnd a determination to rise to the occasion. The new policies that have been inaugurated, if followed to their logical sequence, will appeal to the Indian imagination and stimulate Indian pride in a manner that will ensure the succes of any recruiting programme, no matter how great it may be.

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Aug, 31 1918

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