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HORSE AUCTIONS.DONCASTER BLOOD STOCK SALES.Messrs. tattersall i>eg to give notice that they will hold their ANNUAL SALES of BLOOD STOCK at DON- CASTElt during the Race-week, as usual, on September 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th. By jy^ESSRS. TATTERSALL la the SALE PADDOCKS, DONCASTER, as follows On TUESDAY. September 8th (First Ring), The following YEARLINGS, with engagements, the property of Lady James Douglas. CHESNUT CULT, by Go to Bed. or Chanaan 28 (winner of £4000), out of Affection II 10 (winner of the Prix Omnium, beating Ari zona and twenty others, and winner of about £2160; dam of Ad alia, Alladine, and Autoursier all winners in France), by Son o’ Mine 9. out of Aberdeen II. (winner and dam of Artaban and Apanage winner of over £4000), by Saraband 14. out of Muscat (dam of Pantagruelle, Lunelle, Full Flavour, and Aberdeen II.), by Hamp ton 10, out of Muscatel (winner of the Derby Cup and third in the Oaks dam of winners), by Musket 3, out of Bonny Bell (dam of Beauclerc and other win ners), by Yoltigeur 2, out of Queen Mary (dam of Bliukhoolie, Balrownie, Broomie- law, Bonnie Scotland, Blink Bonny win ner of the Derby, Oaks, and dam of Blair Athol, &o.), by Gladiator 22 (foaled Febru ary 25th). N.B. Go to Bed (bred in France by Perth, out of Mademoiselle Chiffon), winner of many saces and sire of Baldaquin, second last year to Dagor in the Prix du Jockey Club, the French Derby. &c. Chanaan (bred in France winner of about 103.000 fr.), by Le Samaritain (sire of Roi derode sire of The Tetraroh), out of Campanule dam of Codoman winner of many good races, ;ncluding the Prix du Conseil Municipal, du Jrix Boiard, and 358,000 fr., and sire of many ;>ood winners), by The Bard. BAY COLT, by John o’Gaunt 3 (sire of Kennymore, Torchlight, Swynford, and the winners of over £50,000), out of La Lune 10 (winner of seven races and over £2000, dam of La Petite Lune winner of the Devonshire Nursery, at Derby, &c.), by Despair 10, out of Moon Flower (winner of five races, including the Keinpton Park Two yrs old Plate, beating Best Man, &c. dam of Mystic Moon and La Lune, her only produce to run), by Florentine h, out of Heresy (dam of Floss, winner of over £2000. Apostate, Papelino, and Moon Flower), by Reverberation 14. out of Inquisitive, by Hermit 5 (foaled March 29th) BAY COLT, by William Rufus 8 (sire of King’s Common and Irawaddy, and many winners in all parts of the world), out of Irish Ivy U (winner of seven races, in cluding the Cambridgeshire, beating Airs and G races, winner of the Oaks, Eager, &c. dam of winners in America and Eng land grandam of Meddler colt winner of the Molyneux Stakes, Liverpool), by Mar- miton 2, out of Wild Ivy (sister to Ever green and dam of Hedera, Dark Ivy, Ivy Spray winner of six races, Royal Ivy winner of the May Three yrs old Plate, beating Ard Patrick; and Yi winner in England and £3250 in South Africa; gran dam of Grey Green. Drogheda, Evergreen, the dam of Greenback), by Springfield 12. out of Ivy iwinner and dam of Cymbalaria winner of 15 races, Creeper.. Epomoea, Ivan- hoe, and Evergreen winner of nearly £30C0 and sire of the winners of 248.000 fr. in Belgium), by King of the Forest 31, out of Necklace (dam of Macgregor winner of the 2000gs.. &c.), bv The Fallow Buck 6 (foaled April 28th). CHESNUT KILLY, by Santry 3 (winner of over £4000. and sire of many winners, in cluding Jingling Geordie, Sanquhar, Ayala II., Paltry, San Stefano, &c.), out of Politely 20 (dam of Asti winner in the Argentine of £4585, Politesse winner of races in India, and Miss Tathwell), by Persimmon 7 (winner of the Derby, St. Leger. &c., and sire of numerous winners), out of Courtly (winner and dam of Prince Simon and Gun Court), by Hampton 10. out of Little Lady (winner and dam of winners: own sister to Rose d’Amour, who produced Rose of Jeddah, Goosander, &c.), by Rosicrucian 5, out of Dark Blue (dam of many winners, including Cromwell, Pre- ciosa, &c.), by Oxford 12. out of Fascine (sister to Sortie winner of nearly £2500, and dam of Citadel and Repulse winner of the 2000gs. and from whom descends Dtike of Westminster, Grey Plume, Bitter Pill, Gantlet, &c), bv Melbourne 1 (foaled March 18th). On Tuesday. September 8th (First Ring), The following IRISH YEARLINGS, with engage ments, the property of Mr. Charles Moore, of Mooresfort. Tipperary. CHESNUT COLT. by Fariman, out of Methymna (dam of Lord Clare, winner in Irelnnd and of over £1000 in South Africa, Grecian Fairy, and Prospectus), by Martagon, out of Lesbos (dam of Islesman, Levanter, &c.. by Royal Hampton, out of Ierne (dam of Flitters, winner of Fulbourne Stakes, 1010 sov., and dam of Bronzino and Flip pant), by Hermit, out of Shannon (winner of Doncaster, York, nnd Goodwood Cups), by Lambton (foaled May 5th). BAY COLT, bv Lallv. out of Extinct (winner of manv races and dam of Apoplexy, Extoi, and Edsrar X.), by Buckingham, out of Excel, by Cambuslnng, out of X.L., by Polish (foaled April 26th). No engage ments. BAY FILLY, by Earla Mor, out of All Square (dam of Countess Torby), by General Peace (by Gallinule), out of Crusade (winner of many races), by Atheling, out of Com promise, by Arbitrator (foaled April 16th). On Tuesday. September 8th (First Ring), IRISH-BRED YEARLINGS, with engagements, the property of Mr. George H. Dennehy, Laurentum, Co. Waterford. CHESNUT COLT, by Santoi. out of Calumet (dam of winners), by Gallinule, out of Killian (dam of Symon’s Pride. General Killian, &c., and own sister to Kooinur, the dam of De Beers. &c.), by Lord Gough, out of My Jewel, by Uncas (foaled Feb ruary 23rd). On Tuesday. September 8th (First Ring), The following YEARLTNGS. with engagements, the propertv of Sir William Curtis, Bart. CHESNUT FTLLY, by Beppo (sire of Aleppo, winner of the Chester Cup and Ascot Gold Cup), out of Llanharan (never trained, hnif-sister to Llangwm, winner of over €10.000. and dam of Llangeinor and Llanedvn, both winners), by Symington, or Whisnerer. out of Llangarren Lass (dam of Llangwm and other winners), by J Father Confessor (sire of Grey Tick, win ner of the Cesa re witch), out of St. Isabella(dam of Osboch), by St. Gatien, out of St. Isabcau, by Coeruleus, out of Isabel, by Rataplan, out of The Belle, by Mel bourne (foaled April 7th). No. 11 family. GREY COLT, by Llangibby (winner of £13,907 in stakes, and sire of many winners), out of Grev Hair (never trained), by Grey Leg, out of Aureoline, by Bend Or, out of Perfume, by Buccaneer, out of Frangipani, by Longbow (foaled March 16th). No. 23 family. On Tuesday, September 8th (First Ring). YEARLING from the Miltown haddocks, New bridge, Co. Kildare, the property of Mr. C. S. Moore. BROWN FILLY, by Fugleman, out of Derelict (dam of Rock fast, winner of the Somer- ville Stakes, Newmarket, and 55th Bi-. ennial Stakes, Ascot Black Pirate, winner of Highclere Nursery at Newbury and Lancashire Nursery at Manchester and Admiral Byng, also a winner), by Fuller- ton, out of Abandoned, by King of Trumps (foaled March 19th). No engagements. N.B. Of four yearlings sold at Doncaster in successive years the produce of Derelict, three are winners, and the other, Rocksplit, ran third to Calgary. On Tuesday, September 8th (Second Ring), The following YEARLINGS, with engagements, from the Blackland Stud, Calne, the property of Mr. W. A. Higgs. MUNIFICENT, a Chesnut Colt, by Marcovil, out of Lady Bountiful (a winner), by Uncle Mac, out of Notii Bene (dam of two win ners in England and Neuter, winner of six raoes in France), by Donovan, out of Bena (a winner and dam of winners), by Petrarch (foaled April 16th). BROWN COLT, by St. Denis out of Marie Blanche (a winner and dam of three win ners), by Soliman (by St. Simon), out of Miss Norah (a winner), by Belgrave, out of Fleada (dam of Halma* winner of six races, £1529 Bismarck, winner of six races, £1358, Minnesota, Manfred, Land- wehr. Mince Pie, and Esa, all winners), by Hermit, out of Cradle (half-sister to See Saw and Crinon, dam of Criniere, winner of French Oaks), by Saunterer (foaled March lltli). BROWN or BLACK FILLY, by Willonyx. out of Rliondda (dam of Druid, second to Poly- damna at Liverpool), by Royal H
ampton, out of Rondoletia (dam of Principality, winner of six races of £2000), by Sir Bevys. out of Rose (dam of Opoponax, winner of 14 races of £2400, Attar, win ner of four races of £1400, and six other winners), by Rosicrucian, out of York Belle (half-sister to Pet, dam of Glendale, and also of Souvenir, dam of Stratlioonan. sire of Le Sancy’s dam), by Adventurer (foaled February 28th). BAY FILLY, by Land League, out of Bit of a Devil (dam of five winners), by Buccaneer, out of Devil-a-Bit, by Robert the Devil, out of Maccaronea, by Macaroni (foaled February 25th). On Tuesday, September 8th (Second Ring), The following YEARLINGS, with engagements, the property of Captain B. Sheriffe, Goadby Hall. Melton Mowbray. BROWN FILLY, by Sir Archibald 26 (win ner of nearly £7000, and sire of Sweet Slumbers, Necken, Evening Glow. Arch way, &c.), out of Sally Wise 11 (dam of Claret Lad, Otherwise* and Leeson Park), by Wiseman 18, out of The Flirt, (winner of four races and dam of Levity, Little Minx winner of nine races, and Beauty Unadorned dam of many good winners), by Uncas 1, out of The Beauty (winner and dam of winners), by Macaroni 14 (foaled April 17th). No engagements. BAY FILLY, bv Llangwm 11 (winner of nearly £11.000), out of Merecat 25, by Mermnn 11. out of Cassimere (winner of over £1500. and dam of Cassim, Aviation, &o.), by Camballo 2, out of Cachmere (win ner of the Brocklesbv Stakes and dam of Camlet. Modiste. Royal Robe, &c.), by Thormanby U out of Scarf (sister to King Yictor and dam of seven winners), by Fazzoletto 31 out of Blue Bell, bv Heron 19 (sire of Fisherman) foaled February 15th. BROWN COLT, by Roquelaure U (half-brother to Roek Sand and sire of Cap and Gown. Recorder. &c.), out of Carnival 8 (realised 750gs. at last December Sales), by Mar tagon 16. out of Spree II. (second in the Hurst Park Foal Plate and third to St. Amant in the Rons Memorial Stakes, New market: dam of Topic), by St Frusquin 22, out of Bridget (sister to Melton, nnd dam of Weybridge. Ormskirk. Bilberry II.. Irish Stew, Oliver Goldsmith, and Santa Brigida, the crrandam of Light Brigade, &c.). by Master Kildare 3, out of Yiolet Melrose (winner of six races, and dam of Melton, Seaton, Hobart, Editha, &c.), by Scottish Chief 12 (foaled Februarv 23rd). BAY COLT, by Martntron 16, out of Chris- tianna 19 (bred in Fmnce winner of four races there), by Resident 22, out of Chris tine (dam of winners), by Bereneer 28. out of Castille (dam of Casimir. Catalan, &c.), by Mortemer 1. out of Cassiope (win ner anil dam of winners), by Yoltigeur 2, out of Yanity (dam of winners), by Touch stone 2, out of Garland, by Langar 26 (foaled April 5th). On Tuesday September 8th (Second Rim*). YEARLING, with or without engagement, at the option of the purchaser, the property of Mr. W. N. McMillan. BAY COLT, by Sundridge, out of Phroso (dam of Endymion, Lady Yista, Count Oso. and Phryxus, also Bictonia, a good winner in South Africa), by Galopin, out of Ethel Agnes (sister to Martagon), by Bend Or. out of Tieer Lily, by Macaroni (foaled March 31st). On Tuesdcy, September 8th (Second Ring), YEARLINGS, with engagements, the property of Mr. A. Lowry. The following Yearlings have been running out, and have not been forced in any way. BAY FILLY (own sister to Hornet’s Beauty and half sister to Hornet’s Treasure, win ner of National Produce Stakes of 897 sov., and Drogheda Memorial Stakes of 880 sov., beating The Boss, at a difference of lib. for one vear). by Tredennis, out of Hornet, by Hackler, out of Madge, by Heart of Oak, out of Magic, by Ascetic (foaled April 8th). CHESNUT COLT, by Tredennis, out of Bachelor’s Berrill (half-sister to Bachelor’s Double, Bachelor’s Hope, and Bachelor’s Wedding), by Berrill. out of Lady Bawn. by Le Noir, out of Miladv, by Kisber. out of Alone, by Hermit (foaled April 5th). N.B. This colt is the second foal, the first has not vet run. CHESNUT COLT (own brother to Bachelor’s Double. Baohelor’s Hope, and Bachelor’s Wedding), by Tredennis. out of Ladv Bawn (see preceding lot) foaled April 20th. CHESNUT COLT (own brother to Bachelor’s Charm, winner of the Cadogan Plate. Leopardstown, Nottingham Handicap, and several other races), by Tredennis, out ofLady Black (twin-sister to Lady Bawn see second lot) foaled April 30th. CHESNUT COLT (own brother to Yalentine Maher), by Tredennis, out of Calade, b3r Le Noir, out of Calabria, by Bread Knife,* out of Irish Pearl, by Master Kildare (foaled April 26th). SIMPLE DAN, a Bay Colt (first foal), by Tredennis, out of Innoeency (winner of many races), by Dernoleugh, out of Pure and Simple, by The Dragoon, out of Modesty, by Revolver (foaled April 1st). On Tuesday, September 8tli (Second Ring), Annual Sale of YEARLINGS, with engagements, from the Turbine Stud, the property of Mr. W. R. Gage. BAY COLT, by Turbine, out of Wild Countess, by Count Schomberg, out of Wild Seamew (winner and sister to Oat Bird), by Galli nule, out of Kit (dam of five winners), by Arbitrator, out of Kate, by Caractacus, out of Lady Abbess (dam of good winners), by Teddington (foaled February 27th). BAY COLT, by Turbine, out of Miss Prim II. (bred in U.S.A. winner of several races and dam of winners), by Knight of Ellers- lie 37, out of Miss Primrose, by The Ill- used 18, out of imp. Lady Mentmore (own sister to Yerdure), by King Tom 3. out of May Bloom, by Newminster 8 (foaled April 4th). N.B. Turbine is by Speed (by Hampton, out of Lucetta), out of Simplify, by Arklow (own bro ther to Ormonde), out of Criospliinx, by Rosi- cruoian. He was a great stayer and won the Ascot Stakes, Aj’rshire Handicap, and other long distance races. He is the sire of Turbulence, Turnberry. Rolling Stock, September Morn, and Nameless, all win ners this year. On Tuesday, September 8th (Second Ring), The following YEARLINGS, with engagements, from the Lamcote House Stud. CHESNUT COLT (first foal), by Simon Square, out of Meg II. (bred in France), hy French Fox (by Flying Fox), out of Marjolaine (dam of good winners in France, including My Star, winner of eight races, Marjolette, winner of six races, and Marjolin), by Campeador, out of Marin i fere, by Saint Cvr, out of Marianine, by Patrician (foaled March 20th). No. 32 family. BAY FILLY, by Flotsam, out of Indian Ink (a winner and dam of Indian Mail and Top lipsky), by Bunbury, out of Pindi (dam of seven winners, including Dalgety, Bass Rock, Gingal, &c.), by Galopin, out of Dee, by Blair Athol, out ef Kate Dayrell. by Wild Dayrell, out of Kate (winne’r of the 1000gs.), by Auckland (foaled April 10th). No. It family. BAY COLT, by Martagon. out of Saint’s Bay (dam of a winner, her only produce to run), by St. Frusquin, out of Sweet Bay, by Petrarch, out of Sweetest, by Parmesan, out of Sweetbriar (half-sister to Drum- mond), by Stockwell, out of Eglantine (ancestress of Golden Rod), by The Flying Dutchman (foaled April 11th). No* h family. CHESNUT COLT, by Marco, out of Simony (a winner of £4566. nnd dai of Blackstone. Preferment, winner of €2228, and Devil Dodge), by Common, out of Simon’s Bay, by St. Simon, out of Mazurka, by See Saw, out of Mabille, by Parmesan, out of Rigol- boche, by Rataplan (foaled February 24th). No. 1 family. N.B. Simony was sold for 2800gs. nt December Sales, 1913, also yearlings by Marco at Doncaster last year, averaged over 1400gs. BAY COLT (second fool), by Flrtsam, out of Sea Queen (bred in France a good winner and half-sister to Sea Change, dam of Sifflet, winner of the French 2000gs., Syphon, and Sea King, a good winner in France, &c.), bv Codoman, out of Seashell (dam of Sea Horse. Sea Mew. Loup de Mer, &c.), by Hermit, out of Stray Shot (dam of Shotover). by Toxophilite. “out of Yaga, by Stockwell, out of Mendicant, by Touchstone foaled March 11th). No. 13 family. BAY or BROWN FILLY (first foal), by Pic- ton, out of Rambling Rose, by St. Amant. out of Barmaid (dam of Rambling Kntie), by Gall i ard, out of Loch Garry, by Blair Athol, out of Mayonaise, by Teddin2″ton. out of Pic-nic. by Glaucus (foaled April 15th). No. 3 family. N.B. All these venrlings have good winninsr blood on their dam’s side. Thev have been well done and are in hard muscle from abundance of exe
rcise and fresh air. On WEDNESDAY, September 9th (First Ring), The following YEARLINGS, with engagements, from the Tickford Park Stud, the property of Mr. Donald Fraser. BAY COLT (first foal), by Dark Ronald, out of Sunkiss (a winner, and accepted as own sister to Absurd, winner of the Middle Park Plate, &c., and to Jest, winner of the lOOOgs. and Oaks), by Sir Geoffrey, or Sun dridge, out of Absurdity (winner of two races, and whose four runners have won £23,747, including Black Jester), by Melton, out of Paradoxical (dam of McYardley), by Timothy (foaled February 22nd). Note. Sunkiss, the dam of this colt, was sold for 5000gs. at the December sales last year. BROWN COLT (first foal), by Dark Ronald, out of Golden Legend (winner of two races), by Amphion, out of St. Lucre (a winner), by St. Serf, out of Fairy Gold (winner of Woodcote Stakes and other races, and dam of Golden Measure and Fair Play), by Bend Or, out of Dame Masham (dam of four winners of £4000, and grandam of Equilibrium, Sir Eager, Saracen, &c.), by Galliard (foaled April 10th). CHESNUT COLT (own brother to Longfellow, winner of seven races, value £1079 this season), by Chaucer, out of Kalydor, dam of three winners of 16 races), by F:tz- Hampton, out of Freckles, by Albert Yictor, out of Weatherbeaten (grandam of Loot and Delamont), by Young Melbourne (foa’ed May 8th). BAY COLT (secrtnd foal), by Matchmaker, out of Yathodaya (winner of two races, and her first foal has run second and third), by Ian. out of Gyp (winner of the Great Ebor Handicap, and nine other races, value £3500, and dam of Maya, winner of the Newbury Cup. nnd about £3000 in stakes), by Gmfton, out of Phantassie (dam of five winners, nnd grandam of Punta Gorda and Poor Boy), by Isonomy (foaled March 16th). HROWN COLT (first foal), by Matchmaker, out of Burberry (a winner, and second four times), by Aqunscutum, out of Beri- gonium (dam of six winners), by Hampton, out of Bcrengaria (winner of four races, nnd dam of Ian, St. la. Favoninn. nnd Buekmaster, winners of about £10,500), bv George Frederick, out of Bon Accord (erandam of Barcaldine), by Adventurer (fonlcd March 28th). BROWN FILLY, by Dark Ronald, out of Mall (dam of winners), by Ladns. out of Ser pentine (winner of the Woodcote Stakes, dam of Turpitude. Lancnster Gate. &c.. nnd grnndam of Clodius nnd Charmian), by St. Serf, out of Footlight (dam of Glare,Lightfoot, Float, &o.) by G’remorne, out of Paraffin, by Blair Atliol (foiled April l9t). BAY FILLY (first foal), by John o’ Gaunt, out of Running Gale (winner of nine raoes in Ireland), by Ayr (son of Ayrshire and Lucy Glitters), out of Tapis (winner of three races, and dam of three winners of 20 races), by Cnstlerengli, out of Tapestry, by St. Albans (foaled May 8tli). BROWN FILLY, by Dark Ronald, out of Dark Agnes (dam of Bolted, Paulhan, and Moshesh, winners of over £4500), by Cyllene, out of Agnes Court (winner of £500, dam of Cortegar, and other winners, and grandam of Courtesy, Snowfliglit, and Agacella), bjr Hampton, out of Orphan Agnes (dam of Fatherless), by Speculum (foaled April 17th). BAY FILLY, by Matchmaker, out of Best- belle (winner of three races and dam of Mareellin), by Best Man, out of Warden Belle (dam of Barford, winner of £20(TT), and other winners), by MirLflor, out of Reformation (dam of four good winners), by Jolly Friar, out of Conviction (dam of Yard Arm, winner of £4055), by Cardinal York (foaled May 2nd). BROWN FILLY (second foal), by Ulpian, out of La Floride (bred in Belgium), by Cherry Tree, out of Florida II., by Florizel II., out of Eider (winner of eight rates value €1406), by Hackthorpe, out of Lady Downe (dam of four winners, and own sister to Sefton, winner of the Derby), by Speoulum (foaled February 18th). On Wednesday, September 9th (First Ring), Tho ROWDEN ABBEY STUD YEARLINGS, with engagements, the property of Mr. H. J. Bailoy. BAY FILLY (first foal), bv Ampclion, out of Happy Match (sister to Fairfax), by Match maker, out of Heart’s Desire (dam of World’s Desire, Fairfax, and Pop the Ques tion, the dam of Ask Papa, Matchlock, Sleepy Christian, and Declaration), by Cylinder, out of Queen of Slieba, by Wis dom (foaled March 13th). N.B. Ampelion is brother in blood to Sun dridge. BAY COLT, by Carpathian, out of Nutbloom (dam of 17 winner of races in England and of a race in Germany value £1000 and Loomian), by Hazlehatch. out of May Day, by Thormanby, out of Blue Bell, bv Heron (foaled May 10th). N.B. Carpathian, by Isinglass, out of Galioia (dam of Bayardo and Lcmberg). CHESNUT COLT, by Ampelion, out of Mist (dam of White Heath, Thick Fog, Nebelig. Reindeer, &c.), by Child of the Mist, out of Phyllis, by Speculum, out of Birthright, by Ben Webster, out of Ladylike, by New minster (foaled April 1 7th) BAY FILLY, by Benvenuto, out of Pop the Question (dam of Ask Papa, Matolilock– win ner of many races in England, and the Governor’s Cup, Calcutta, 733 sov.– Sleepy Christian, and Declaration), by Carbine, out of Heart’s Desire (dam of Gratify, World’s Desire, Fairfax, and Pop the Question), by Cylinder, out of Queen of Slieba, by Wis dom (foaled March 6th). N.B. Benvenuto is sire of Benevolent and many other winners, and is brother in blood to William the Third. BROWN FILLY, by Land League, out of Yolley Fire (a winner), by Volodyovski, out of Fireaway (dam of six winners, the whole of her produce, including Sham Fight and Rather Warm), by Right-awav. out of Brown Bess, by Musket, out of Celibacy, by Lord Clifden (foaled March 24th). BROWN FILLY, by Roquelaure. out of Duet (dam of Double Thrush and Sing On. and has had no living produce since 1908). bv Perigord, or El Diablo, out of Phyllis (dam of winners), by Speculum, out of Birthright, by Ben Webster, out of Lady like (dam of Rosebery), by Newminster (foaled April 21st). BAY or BROWN COLT, by Roquelaure, out of Rahova (dam of Sandova), by Bay Ronald (sire of Bayardo), out of Tirnova (dam of Zinc, Sandbatli. Yarna dam of Ignition and three other winners), by Rose bery, out of Sardica, by Camhallo, out of Sophia, by Macaroni, out of Zelle, by Stock well (foaled March 26th). BAY COLT, by Ampelion, out of Belle of the Green (dam of Sandvloeks, winner abroad, and Belle of the Season, the dani of Svetec), by Blue-green, out of Rustic Belle (dam of many winners), by Plebeian, out of Sabella, by Blair Athol, out of Jocosa, by Fitz-Roland, out of Madame Eglentine, by Covvl (foaled April 19th). On Wednesday, September 9th (First Rinsr), Without reservej, the following YEARLINGS, with engagements, the property of Mr. F. W. Dunn. CHESNUT FILLY, by William the Third, out of Lady Chancellor (dam of six winners, including Challaoombe, winner of the St. Leger nnd other good races), by Bona Yista, winner of the 2000gs.), out of Lady Cecil (dam of four winners), by Ossiaii (winner of the St. Leger, out of True Blue, by Oxford (foaled May 3rd). BAY FILLY, by John o’ Gaunt, out of My Sweetheart (dam of a winner, nnd half- sister to Lady Challacombe, dam of San Servo, a good winner in Italy), by Galeazzo, out of Lady Chancellor (see pre ceding lot) foaled January 28th. On Wednesday, September 9th (First Ring), The following YEARLINGS, the property of Col. Hon. A. Greville. CHESNUT FILLY, by Tredennis (sire of Hornet’s Beauty and many other winners), out of Soligena (dam of Runoiman), by Soliman, out of St. Gunthcirn (dam of winners), by Carbine, out of St. Bees, bv St. Simon, out of Beatrice (foaled April 15th). Tnis filly should be valuable for the stud after racing BAY FILLY, by St. Angelo, out of Fairy Glass, by Isinglass, out of Airy Fairy, by Kendnl. out of Comedy (winner of the Cambridgeshire), bv Ben’ Battle, out of The White Witch, by Massinissa. out of Jen des Mots, by King Tom (foaled April 28th). There is an own sister to this fillv in training N.B. St. Angelo mares are valuable for the stud. On Wednesdnv. September 9tli (First Ring). The following TRTSH-BRED YEARLINGS, with engagements, from the Ligamaddy Stud, nenr Downpntriek. the property of Mr. John Hutton. BAY FILLY (own sister to Queen of the Brush and Artist’s Gem. both good win ners), b}’ Evicted (sire of winners), out of Artist’s Proof,
bv Raeburn (son of St. Simon), out of Wild Berry (dam of many winners), by Rosebery. out of Mintdrop (dam of winners), by Lozenge (winner of the Cambridgeshire, &c.). ot. of Minaret sister to Mineral, dam of Kisber. winner of the Derby, &c., nnd of Wenlock. winner of the St. Leger and the sire of Isinglnps’ dam, also own sister to Mnndrngora. the dam of Apology, winner of the lOOOes Oaks, St. Leger. Coronation Stakes, Gold Cup at Ascot. Ac.), by Rataplan, out of Manganese (winner of the 1000 gs.), by Birdcatcher (foaled February 14th).

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