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Aitchison's Prism Binoculars

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AITCHISON’S Prism Binoculars The Ideal Glasses for all Sporting and Touring Purposes. The MARK 1. is the standard service glass as supplied to the (;mernment tllhiouhout the war. All the models which .ae ilted with eyepiece Iocussing ale heIlmewally sealed, and co Use clltiy lthstand exposllre to all kindls ot chl ates and weather conditions. TheMARKI1 I, £1010 0 £1115 0 The Mark 1. TheLUMAC s 8 1ii 0 0 £12 5 0 TheLUMAC x 12 £13 0 0 £14 5 0 The OWL ax £12 0 0 £13 5 0 merl,, br, t old e ather sinng ca, and la, rd. (‘Cal l and inpect, or wrte /or P-ue Lint no. 6L AITCHISON & CO., LTD., Spl1ilns t ltlheU B l ,hand I all ld ,, nnl u , 428, STRAND, W.C. 2 281, Oford St. W.I 130. High Holbor. W.C. 1 .Ana Ittns i .o 1 on 1n 1i ITS- , uN, D 1

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Issue 4177. - Vol CLIV

May, 10 1919

Illustrated London News