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Aitchison's Prism Binoculars

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AITCHISON’S Prism Binoculars The Ideal Glasses for all Sporting and Touring Purposes. The MARK 1. ls the .ta.larl e evice gla. is isupplie’d to the Ghternment thoghout the wi,. All the modlcs ihch ,ie htted with eyepiece fitull+,inl are h icnnet. ally seItlI, and consequently itll:.tand iexpoiure to all kind, of llnlate, lnd weather conditions. ,i. ,, V·c’I I 3iil’t TheMARK1 x , £1010 0 £1115 ý0 The ~repa ..o Mark 1. The LUMAC x 8 £11 0 0 £12 5 0 TheLUMAC x 12 £13 0 0 £14 5 0 The OWL x 6 £12 0 0 £13 5 0 rI e a t ir d io l, (,t o lhath!rl r s n. cat ,’n lyta”rd. sis: nins liiipechr. rtfor I’raet l.t o. 6L. AITCHISON & CO., LTD., Op:ui J tati, ,ýe lrl,. h,, .Illin1,1it uomen.ts. 428, STRAND, W.C. 2 281, Oxford St., W.I 130. High Holborn W.C I ‘ade MI ar .

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Issue 4181. - Vol CLIV

Jun, 07 1919

Illustrated London News