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JJII!llllllillrlll I ilil!!li!lil ! [ !i[[ i lillli [i iplr!rIj [Ii llllllllll[H[[I[J[[ilr”*. Start To-day and get rid of your Skin Trouble Whatever your skin trouble, it will be cured by Antexema. As water puts out fire, so Antexema conquers skin illness. It succeeds after doctors, specialists and all else have failed, and you see the benefit as soon as you use it. The first appli- cation of Antexema stops irritation and arrests the progress of your skin complaint, and you have only to persevere with its use to be quickly and thoroughly cured. Antexema is not a quack nos- trum, but is conxpounded from the prescription of a British physician, and its superlative value in every form of skin illness is beyond dispute. Antexema gives instant relief. a; Antexema cures every skin illness, from slight everyday troubles to the worst cases of eczema. Bad legs, rough hands, chaps, chilblains, face spots, and every sore, irritated or pimply skin condition, quickly yields to Antexema, which is very economical, one small bottle generally being sufficient for a cure. Few troubles make such rapid progress as skin complaints. Hence the imperative need for using Antexema the moment ,ca such ailments start. Delay is dangerous, but there ‘s safety in prompt use of Antexema. Do your duty to your skin and get Antexsema to-day. Supplied by S all chem:rsts and ttores everywhere. Also of BooIt’ Cahi (.hemists,. Amy and Navy, Civdi Service Stores. iarrod’s, delfridge:’, whieley’s, Parke’s, Taylor s Drug Co., Timothy White’s, and Leais & lcurrows’, a is d. and 3s. per bottle, or direc post free n plan, ra is. d. and 3s., from Antexema, Castle La ratory, L, ,ndn, N.ry. Also in India, Australia, New Zealand. Canada, Africa, and Europe: ” i[ [H]H!I!IIli i llIIIp IIII!IIIIIHH [[] HN I I iNN [i pNlllllllll!I II N tNIIIIIIIII rIi~ ! ttItII trN ]”!I III HN””H “”””Mlllllilllllllll

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Issue 4163. - Vol CLIV

Feb, 01 1919

Illustrated London News