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The DESPATCH RIDER “We haven’t much money, but we do see life,” as a wise Johnny once put it. Bumping along on the old jigger at 40 miles an hour, dodg- ing old petrol cans and other rub- bish, doing the “outside edge” round Jack Johnson holes, and Boches a mile or two ahead, or in the rear- yes, it may be good exercise, but it’s a bit rough on the nerves. However, I’ve found an A.I. “nerve soother “-Cavander’s “Army Club” cigarettes. One or two at the end of each little jaunt and you feel fit to take the whole German Army on. CAVANDER’S “Army Club” CIGARETTES 9d. for 20, 1 110′ for 50, 3/9 for 100. We will post 200 “Army Club” Cigarettes to Members of the Expeditiooary Forces, for 6/-, specially pocked in airtight tins of 50’s. Order from your Tobacconist or direct from CA VANDER’S, Glasgow (The Firm of Three Craturies). London Postal Address: 167. Strand London, W.C. Cavander’s “Army Mixture.” 71d. S .r oz.

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Issue 4050. - Vol CXLIX

Dec, 02 1916

Illustrated London News