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As Seen from the British Destroyer Flotilla: The Sinking of the "Mainz"—From a Naval Officer's Sketch

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In the first official account of the British naval victory off Heligoland on August az it was stated : “Two German destroyers were sunk and many damaged. The enemy’s cruisers were engaged by the British cruisers and battle-cruisers. The First Light Cruiser Squadron sank the ‘Mainz,’ receiving only slight damage. The First Battle – Cruiser Squadron sank one cruiser, Klln class, and another cruiser disappeared in the mist, heavily on fire and in a sinking condition.” A later statement issued by the Press Bureau regarding the action said : “The light armoured cruiser ‘Arethusa,’ and not the ‘Amethyst,’ as previously stated, played the principal part . . . The principle of the operation was a scooping movement by a strong force of destroyers, headed by the ‘Arethusa,’ to cut the German light craft from home and engage them at leisure in the open sea. The ‘Arethusa,’ leading the line of

destroyers, was first attacked by two Gmn ruisers . . . one of which she seriously injured with her 6-inc guns…. Intercepted German signals and other information fron German sourcesa confirm the report of Vice-Admiral Beatty as to the sinking of the third German cruiser.” The officer who gave Mr. Norman Wilkinson the sketch from which the above drawing was made said that when the decks were almost awash the “Mainz” was still firing the only gun left not out of action. This was on the quarter-deck, and all observers agreed she was splendidly fought. On the right of the picture is the Light Cruiser Squadron steaming across her bow and firing. These ships eventually came down and took off her survivors. Only her fore funnel and masts were left standing, and black columns of smoke came up from amidships.-fDrarine cosyrled o It, Utnajri Slts an* Laad a.l

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