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The Years Art :rg5 t – o it – , ,11:t; The Gentle Cultured German’ I B t h 2. ..- i, t R,lar, The Royal House of Portugal. IF,.,It- rl.i l . – . j aitl In the Lands of the Sun. 11 II 1ll., ,i ti ] Slli , l, 1 9. trl /. ‘/ Tne Heart of Mendlp. I IIul i I .I, – 1ghi i A Summer on the Yeneset M awl Ii liv,.vl h vs iit (I tIi Essays of Joseph Addison. i l 1 ru J .I i Iro rnr,,I Brazil and thl e Brazlhanr i 1 Thr. i . 7″ r n t, – tol.l. t ) Bernard Shaw. I I 1 ,’.., 7 IeI ilt – – L kr ) Abbats I L ir hE Eari ti l i, (- – i – – Lil ann Rival Sultanas, ,11 i ,. .rnI I i.- rhl ru, F l, II N I 1illh.- . n . . . . . (H utcint ,n.) Why the Natlons Are at W I. (Ilarl- h:ii·- cd Ll rin II IIa-ll. Sn t . – IHirropi) FICTION. The Sixth Sense. S. i.hei- SI Kil-iia. ,. – (Cih aplTar and Hall) Windylow. luiton.i P.u s hl 6 .. . . _ (Fyh; r Irnu .L) The Family. lin, r M .rrlaunt i.. . . . . (.ttrlhuor) Red Hair. R r Ho Iitin 6R. (tf.u eothnetn.) Tne Mystery of Enid Beloirs. I)ar ,li hltelaw 6i- /hlier anrd ltouhton I The Full Price. Ladir ha uruilsl . I – . – noirthi. Eld. r) The Lone Wolf. IIIo 1 Van, . – – – -(aah.) The White Horses IIa.!iihwr ll Sutchteli tn . . . . Ill ard. Lrck.)

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Issue 3958. - Vol CXLVI

Feb, 27 1915

Illustrated London News