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Invalids enjoy Benger’s Food! e continually receive letters from Doctors and Nurses expressing the gratitude of patients for Benger’s Food. And invalid after invalid writes to say it is the one Food of which they never tire. The ease with which Benger’s Food is digested and absorbed, makes it the most welcome to patients, and it ranks highest among nutritive foods. Invalids seldom tire of it. because Benger’s is entirely a natural food, always prepared with fresh new milk. As soon as the milk is added to Benger Food as directed. a – digetive sction begi with both milk and Food. When completely prepared. Bengers is a dainty cream. which is absorb-d with les digestive effort thee others. The different method of preparing Benger (see Dirrcuom) is the measure of its difference from al other sods. “. FOOD for Bs’, t-s-.,l, rtr m tin a · NJl INFANTS, INVALIDS, be pst , tot and the AGED. BENGER FOOD Ltd MANCHESTER iets delieate biscuit flavomer is mot pleing r oI..v is, 1 sW e d Own.ea- . lad entirely naural C .as

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Nov, 29 1915

Illustrated London News