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"Between 40 and 50 Per Cent. Of the German Submarines…have Been Sunk": A Typical Instance

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Sir Eric Geddes, the First Lord of the Admiralty, said in his recent speech on the Navy : “Since the beginning of the war-and these are entirely new figures which I think will be interesting to the House – between 4o and o50 per cent. of the German submarines commissioned and operating in the North Sea, Atlantic, and Arctic Oceans have been sunk. During the last quarter the enemy have lost as many submarines as they lost during the whole of last year, 1916. . . . The figure I am able to give is important because it shows that we are really making progress.” Our illustration, which the artist entities-” The ‘Blimp’ told the destroyer and the destroyer did the rest,” shows one’ way in which a German U-boat is dealt with. One of the small British coast-patrolling airships (which it is interesting to compare

with the larger French type shown on another page in this number) has sighted a submarine and summoned to the spot a British destroyer. The destroyer, racing up at full speed, is seen shelling the conning-tower of the submarine as she submerges, doubtless with fatal effect. Regarding the anti-submarine work of the R.N.A.S., Sir Eric Geddes said (in the speech already quoted): “Any statement on the Navy would be incomplete without a tribute to the Royal Naval Air Service in operation over the sea. They are the terror of the submarine. During one month the aircraft patrol round the British coast alone is more than five times the circumference of the earth.”–copyrigad us ud sates aad Cm.aJ

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