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96 out of 100 Dyspeptics have ACID STOMACHS If you are troubled with acidity and food fermentation you do not get proper nourishment from your food. The acid condition must be corrected if good health is to be maintained. Neutralise the acid-forming elements in your daily food, prevent food fermentation, and preserve your good digestion and general health by using the one efficient but harmless antacid, Bisurated Magnesia Acid stomachs are dangerous to the finds it impracticable. The pleasantest. general health, and if you wish to keep most efficient, and most natural way to well you must prevent the contents of the correct the acid – forming elements in the stomach from becoming acid and ensure food, neutralise the acidity, and prevent food their remaining perfectly sweet and bland. fermentation, is to take Bisurated Magnesia. Scientific tests show that in the great food corrective. 96 times out of too, where All that you need to do is to take half people are dosing and drug- a teaspoonful in a quarter-glass of warm ging themselves for indi. or cold water-or two or three Bisurated gestion, dyspepsia, etc., the Magnesia tablets – after each meal and stomach itself is perfectly at bedtime. It will cor- healthy and normal, the pain rect all fermentation and and discomfort arising solely quickly neutralise the from the acidity and food ser- acid – forming tendency – menitation. This condition of the most indigestible rs,,,ar is unnatural and therefore foods. You will be able to , seorut dangerous. You must correct enjoy the heartiest meal ,- ‘ the acid-forming tendency in without fear of the slight- the food you eat, or it will est inconvenience. The y,; turn the food acid in the Bisurated Magnesia will . stomach and cause it to ser- keep the food sweet and ment before it is digested; wholesome until it has thus robbing your body of properly digested and proper nourishment. Good assimilated, and ensure your deriving full health could not possibly be maintained for nourishment from everything you eat. any length of time under such conditions. If you would ensure good digestion, always Until recently, physicians have always carry a bottle of Bisurated Magnesia about recommended a diet, but to be effective this with you. It is obtainable from any chemist must be so limited that the average person at the following prices: Powder Form … … 1/9 and 2/9 per bottle Mint Flavoured Tablets … 1/1 and 2;1 in bottles (holding 60 and 150 tablets respectively). Beware of Imitations The remarkable merits and great popularity of Bisurated Magnesia have led to the offering of many substitutes, similar in name but absolutely lacking in its peculiarly valuable properties. Do not experiment at the expense of your stonlach. Protect your stomach anld your health by demanding Bisurated Magnesia. Be sure that the name on the label is spelled B-I-S-U-R-A-T-E-D If you cannot get the genuine article from your chemist it will be sent to you, post free, on receipt of prlce by the manufacturers, BISMAG LIMITED, 212-214, Great Portland Street, LONDON, W.

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Jul, 22 1916

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