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Brest-Litovsk: Prominent Delegates; and a "Scrap of Paper"

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” What do you expect from Brest-Litovsk ” was a question put to its readers recently by the Berlin “Lokalanzeiger.” Ii elicited some interesting replies. Professor von Wilamowitz, the classical scholar, wrote : ” My expectations are of such a kind that my anxiety about the future of the Fatherland rudely disturbs my sleep at nights ; this is the experience of many whose Fatherland is still Germany and not a Utopian Europe, or even a Utopian world.” In the armistice document reproduced above, the signatures

on the right at the top are those of the Russian delegates-MM. A. Joffe and L. Kameneff, and Mme. A. Bitsenko. The signatures on the left (from the top downwards) are those of Zeki Pasha (Turkey); Col. Gantschew (Bulgaria); four Austro-Hungarian delegates, including Major von Mirbach (second of the four); and six Germans, namely, Capt. Hey, Capt. Horn (Naval Officer), Capt. von Rosenberg, Staff- Major Brinckmann, Chief-of-Staff Hoffmann, and Prince Leopold of Bavaria, Commander-in-Chief.

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