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By Hindenburg's Orders,"To Be Held at All Costs": Passchendaele Ridge Stormed by Canadians

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Sir Douglas Haig reported on November 6 : “Operations were undertaken this morning by Canadian troops with complete success against the enemy’s defences in and around Passchendaele, and on the spur north and north-west of the village. . At an early hour the village of Passchendaele was captured, together with the hamlets of Mosselmarkt and Goudberg.” In our drawing the ruins of the village church can be seen in the background on the right. The great importance of this success was due to the commanding position of the Passchendaele Ridge, which Hindenburg had vainly ordered the German troops to hold “at all costs.”

“Its capture,” writes Mr. Perry Robinson, ” is the culmination and final triumph of the long series of hard hammer-drives (this morning’s was the eighth) by which we have forced our way along the Ridge since the recommencement of operations here on September o. The honour of delivering this last blow was given to the Canadians, and no troops could have done it better. . . . In Passchendaele village itself the most formidable positions seem to have been the concreted vaults of the church, but the cellars throughout the village were concreted and converted into fortresses. On the left of the village the distance travelled was greater than through Passchendaele itself. Here there seems to have been stiff resistance at and near Mosselmarkt, especially at a big redoubt at the cross roads. . . . On the left of the attack, as in the centre and on the right, the advance was completely succesfuL” The illustration shows the attack on the ridge to the left of the village.


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