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Champagne and Verdun: German Flammenwerfer in Action: And French Going to the Firing-Line

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The splendid courage shown by the French troops in the defence of Verdun has excited universal admiration. “When one talks with the men who come down to Verdun straight from the firing-line,” writes Mr. H. Warner Allen, ” one realises how tremendous must have been the German losses. Never have French troops fought more magnificently . . . Two Divisions held up two German Army Corps for several hours. Every yard of ground yielded was paid for by the enemy a hundred times over. . .. The eur aace of the Frnch treeps during this battle has been beyond all praise.” In some of the recent fighting, the Germans have had recourse again to the use of their diabolical fame-projects (LS) which squirt burning oil upon their opponents. It is said that the German Imperial Guards are supplied with FlGamenerfer of two kinds, one hurlin the Same yrds, and a rger

type as far as 5 yards. ” In Champagne,” said a French official communiqu of March 6, ” the Germans launched an attack, accompanied by jets of liquid fire, upon our positions etween Mont Ttau and Maisonas de Champagne. On our right the enemy, stopped by our curtain-fire, was not able to leave his trenches. On the left, in the vicinity of Maisons de Champagne, he succeeded in penetrating into a small advanced work.” Later, however, the ground was regained by the French. A Paris communique of the 8th stated : ” In Champagne, in the region east of the Maisons de Champagne we delivered an attack which made us masters again of the elements of trenches which the enemy had Captured on March 6. During this action we took 85 prisoners, including 3 officers, and captured a machine-gun. A German counter-attack directed a little later against the positions we were holding was repulsed.”

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