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A message to Mothers Get the Claxton Ear-Cap and let your child wear it in the nursery, and during sleep, and any tendency to outstanding ears will soon be corrected. Easy and comfortable in wear. Keeps hair from tangling during sleep, and promotes breathing through the nose. The Claxton Ear-Cap gently moulds the cartilages while they are soft and pliable. Made in rose-pink in 25 sizes. Send order direct, giving measurements round head just above ears, and over head from lobe to lobe of ears, to I. L. Claxton, Castle L.iboratory, London, N.W. I, and enclose remittance of 4/-. Also obtainable CLAXTON from chemists, stores, Harrods’, Selfridge’s, John Barker & Co., Ltd., EAR – CAP. D. H. Evans & Co., Garrould’s, Woolland Bros., and other Ladies’ Outfitters.

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Issue 4163. - Vol CLIV

Feb, 01 1919

Illustrated London News