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'Colonel' Golf Balls

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To-day as in Pre – War Days THE PREMIER PLACE IN THE GOLF BALL WORLD IS HELD BY THE ‘COLONEL’ GOLF BALLS No increase in price No sacrifice in quality. iche Pie-‘ar Standard of Durability, Flih, ,nd Perfict Paint has been sladlly mam- tained. The past reputation of the ” Colonl is the ucrest guaranlteC of thec future. MAN ,LONEL 2/6 each 1THI GOLF BALL DE I.iLUX (‘an be had oin Small re. 3v dwts. and 20 Ihyts ; Mtandard size, c dartn. ind 2 dwts. flioag. 6d. ec.h alloe loo rld “‘olnel s whCen newI * ones to the samlle number are pluchasced. Pr SOLD LIIR’IVHERE. r ST. MUNGO MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. IGLAsow, SCOTLAND. LONDON: f.ý 37, Walbrook. E.C. .S`k.*

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Issue 4173. - Vol CLIV

Apr, 12 1919

Illustrated London News