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Crossley Motors, Ltd.

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J l~iilill lil!Iii!ýl”l l li il!JI i ll ;il r rI!li!i!IIIIIl!II!111!IIII!riIIiIIIIIIi!IIlIililliIIIIII Correct design, extreme care in choice of materials, sound workmanship, and close inspection at every stage of manu- facture-these are the things which have made the famous for strength and extreme durability. No finer tribute could be paid to any firm than was paid to Crossleys by the Government, who ordered over 5.000 of our cars for the R.F.C., which were distributed to – every fighting area. The R.F.C. required a car ready for anything, and they found it in the Crossley. The Crossley met every demand in the War, and the new 25/30 h.p. R.F.C. model will meet every call you can make upon it. Chassis Price (including electric starter and lighting), £850. Write for £articulars and name of neornt d.en,. CROSSLEY MOTORS, Ltd., Builders of Quality Cars, ? {6uhe Manchester. Te1gýýaýe S 6 i Qnalbt of car = ;1 1111111! 1111!111111!I!I111111111111111111111111!1111!III111 11111111111111111111!1111111111

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Issue 4173. - Vol CLIV

Apr, 12 1919

Illustrated London News