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Saving our soldiers’ lives again and again in Every Advance to Final Victory, the Dayfield solves the problem– the Dayfield wins for the man who wears it. Living Testimony from the Front.Saved wearer from machine-gun bullets. Stopped a sniper’s bullet at 50 yards Williamson. Redruth, writes:-” Please send Captain STANLEY HUGHES. Royal Sussex Refit.. return one double Dayfield Body Shield. £2 15s. writes:–” I am pleased to testify that the Dayheld enclosed. I had one for my son going to France in Body Shield saved my Fife from a danger I never an(j it proved most valuable.undoubtedly saving anticipated it would cope with, that is. a rifle or his life. He had eight shrapnel woundsln his legs and machine-gun bullet. The bullet got me in the back twQ -n hjs arms> anj although his tunic was torn in about an inch below the top of the shield and then pieces his body was not touched two others standing turned upwards through the flesh behind my shoulder w-th him were fejugd. i have another son just leaving, blade and so passed out. I have recommended the j want one for him.” shield to several of my friends.” The DAYFIELD is the recognised Body Shield, giving maximum protection to both front and back of wearer, with complete freedom of action. Made of good English steel. The light steel plate is tested and proved to stop a British Service Revolver Bullet fired a n etfrilrincr vplnritv nf 1.000 feet ner second, and also shrapnel bullets at the same veloci y.Proof against bayonet, sword, lance, shrapnel, and grenades, yet flexible, scientifically made, and therefore easy to wear, “Rides well” under the tunic or in the pack, and is the best all-round protection for the man at the Front. Covered with Khaki drill, but the Shield itself is made of Government recognised material with which nothing can compare as a proved Life Saver. DOUBLE SHIELD, fully protecting front q i/% and back O^/O By Post, British Isles, 1/- extra. To the B.E.F., 2/6 extra. SINGLE SHIELD, same quality, but 25/- protecting front only By Post, British Isles, 6d. extra. To the B.E.F.. 1/6 extra. Be sure to get a genuine DAYFIELD. The DAYFIELD is the only Shield recognised as the real life-saver, and is in use by Officers of all Ranks, N.C.O.’s, and Men. Sold by Military Outfitters and Stores in all parts of the United Kingdom. May be had direct from WHITFIELD MANUFACTURING Co., Ltd., 35, Vernon House, Sicilian Av., Southampton Row, London, W.C. 1 Write to-day for Free Illustrated Pamphlet and the wonderful letters from those whose lives have been saved by the DAY MELD.TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS OF THE

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Issue 923. - Vol 70

Sep, 29 1917