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Dinneford's Magnesia

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For nearly a Century the Medical Profession have approved this as the best and safest remedy for Acidity of the Stomach, N EHeartburn, eadache, Gout and Indigestion. Dinneford’s Magnesia is also an aperient of uncqualled value for infants, children, those of delicate constitution, and ser the distrcssing sickness of pending motherhood. IM SNEAA THE MOST EFFECTIVE APERIENT FOR REGULAR USE BY PEOPLE OF ALL AGES. In anss senee of ni mro u imitation s, prhshr, should INSIST o i – s- th vamp ” DINNFiORI)’S” .. r.r. boole O, bs . . in . ci n the be ire of ohtaining this most execilcnt remady. Dinneford’s Magnesia mixed with Spring Water forms a pleasant, cooling and most bcneficial drink in Hot Seasons and Climates, and also during Fever.

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Issue 3973. - Vol 146

Jun, 12 1915

Illustrated London News