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Y1 1 0- A , A iiI , A Link 7I the ‘. / . THE ISLE OF SKYE LIQUEUR Favourite of the grcat West Highland Families for 170 years Ili stmrytid mrm.-, InClnsi l I)r h P ince to Cescape from skye. and the secret 1 b,” h ur ..f I’uný linlnI Primýe of its preparation has been ratrefully preserved ( b.o l o .f I.,1,ý .tin lg it war. brought by generati ons of the Marckinnon family. Ion, F-“m, uwh him when. in I; S. lie made Inl g.ti.lnt but ll·11 f.ted ittempt to reg. the This ex >lsitsIe liqueur soon herame much Sthonc It Br~it It1. prized.:Ind has long held the post of honour ;at eIlu tles of the great Highland families. { ` 1 he r-w ip; waa g cen *n L kuunno if ýtra- Te recipe i. n ‘w the pi operty of Malcolm aitd out or ;; .i truilde i los g and helping Markinnn Iof the Iitol ubute IIliueur Co. Ask for Drambuie at your restaurant, hotel or club. / a nt drti, u l t o a bt.i ni g w i1e ,o t f e t a reat d agent. The DRAMBUIE LIQUEUR CO. 8, WhON J STREET, EDINBURGH. 1

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Issue 4175. - Vol CLIV

Apr, 26 1919

Illustrated London News