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Eno's 'Fruit Salt'

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‘To CURE–is the Voice of the Past. To PREVENT- is the Divine Whisper of the Present.’ INDOOR WORKERS. When brainwork, nerve strain, and lack of exercise make you feel languid-tired– ” blue”– a little ENO’S ‘FRUIT SALT’ in a glass of cold water will clear your head and tone your nerves. This world-famous natural aperient for over 4o years has been the standar,! remedy for constipation, biliousness, impure blood and indigestion. It is pleasant and conienient to take, gentle in action, positive in resuite. The safest and most depen,:able digestive regulator. It is not from what a man swatllios but from what he digests hail the blood is made, and remember that the first act of .gestion is chewing the food //iroughly, and that it is only through doing so that you can reason..liy expect a good dig-stion. Unsuitable food and atring b:tneen meals are a ma!n cause of indigestion,. &c, because introducing a fresh mass of food into the mass already partly ili;solved arrest, the bealchy action of the stomach, and ,.cl.iuis the food first received to lie until incipient fermntauii ta akes pla.:c. A uicrus Ri.-” ist, Restrain your appetite, atn get always up from the table anlt a dr.t;rei to ·.tt mor,. and, Do not Icuch a,’nsayhi !kat .i., ntl gc.- :,ith ”,,r satnzh, le it . m.:, aer’! ii. /he ptal/.” Thes, rules have been adopted in principle by all diticrians of eminence, and we r-commend their use. ‘A LITTLE at the RIGHT TIME, is better than Much and Running Over at the Wrong.’ ENS’S ‘FRUIT SALT’ 18 SOLD BY CHEMISTS AND STORES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. Prepared only by J. C. ENO, Ltd., ‘Fruit Salt’ Works, LONDON, S.E.

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Issue 4099. - Vol CLI

Nov, 10 1917

Illustrated London News