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For King and Country: Officers on the Roll of Hoinour

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LIEUT G. F DELMAR- WILLIAMSON. Blak Watch and R.A.F. Son of Mr F. Delmar-Wtllianmon, Cheltenham.

LIEUT. R M. HAMMOND. R FA. Son of Mr. W. H. Hammond, of Bayham Road, Sevenoaka An old Tonbri~dan.

LIEUT. SIR JOHN BRIDGER SHIFFNER, Royal Su.ex Rqt. Killed while oe active servce. Aed altateeo

21o LIEUT. E. V. AUSTIN, Royal Air Force. Son of the late Mr. and Mrs AstinL of Singapor Aced D.

AIL LT. PERCY TURNER SUTTON. R.GC Of Coda Bath Roa. MYidenhead. Sn o Md . Chut Tu r Sutton.

LIEUT. E. H. BOWER York and Lancaatr iRet. Ha tam repaorted a hav·r ban kld ia

C2m LT. A L GWTIRIE ONIES R.G.A. O o md ILt.-CoL J. A. Joe igh- S i~ of Glmaa., STr Dyfdr. Ladd.af.

UEUT. L G S LUDLOW, Kie o.a Yd L htb I- fb,. H hb poa4- k l.d l. actio.

LIEUT. JOHN EDWARD BECKER. Roal E,i Mr Hbas t rporteI as barte baee killed to actka

BRIG-NRAL GILBERT B. S Fr1″T. DSO.. M.V.O, eG~C ua KMd i act B.

MRS MARGARET GIBSO NM.M., Ad trar of Q.A.C. Ent WAALC. t be a ardd the Mhy M.ud.

CAPT. W. E DAWSD R.A.F Seolml a Mr. ad Mru wIVam F. Da. hata. qHalL mm M0mmm U

Rol Warof~din Rqt. ICld I. acdm Ylt..d is match

GR. A. L Th AS LA”Rqt Yoao s of -m *– moou prk Iw TL 4 ýo

CAPr. R. . SED01O has k w R. J. Spssh PI~ omer .w Z la.

Li . A. H. 0114 ºoml a p tped d bW I ensur.

I UT. W “. cO THEDG LL. R.ALF. Seod of Dr. ad I8m L FPtrr1 M Cowpe b” Nortimmbr

LIEIUT.L . A. WEST, DSO, M.C. Tas Cop:s; d Captsa th Cwha Sad-i Raý*-

LIEJ. R. 0. WOOD. NeM. E!i Wood. ci a IY ý/ Wa 6rt Me4 d f1ýAt 11ýRrparlul

I. W. EDWARD V. POWER. – Q mlmr. uamblgam 06 1Is hos ami Sm UIS4 0aem. UI.S.A. EXd b ac

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Issue 4148. - Vol CLIII

Oct, 19 1918

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