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For King and Country: Officers on the Roll of Honour

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CAPT. CAPEL L AYLETT.BRANFILL GImorlgr Y omn y Son of Mr. C.pni Ayett-Br of ll, Ynit..O Ho.o, Cllydnh.

CAPT.(REV.)H. ST. J. DEVINE, Chlplan to the Force, Son of Reo. Wilon de Vio, Rural Deas S of W .ednebury.

LT.COL A B. A. STEWART, D.S.O., SaNrth Highlanders. Woo D..O. in S. Afrinc W.r. Se of lote Coloal Char., Ed5wrd Ste.rt.

CAPT. ERIC M SIMPSON, Wuestrhir. Rqgt. Son f M. Md nrs. Y. Simps. of 1. t , Li~tolha e

CAPT. L CO ý Ry hl Irhb Fursrl S . .mut .a b etlbr r

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LIEUT.-COL. FRANK H. GASKELLU. WehR Son los Col. Joseph Gskell, V.D., D.L, of Penhll, CardfM. Ws a b.a- istr on the S Wale. CIrcuL Kj

UA N r d

CAPT. . B. HOWARD RICE. Indian Army. Sea of Re R. j. Howard Rice, VIcr d Sutton Courtey, and gra of thel ao Mi emllrr, Catain the Hon C. L Irby.


MAJOR R. P. PLLE.Y, D.S.O., Yrk ed Lea tr Ret Ws th e D.S.O. t HeCte-p.

w, b i.

MAJOR GEORGE EDWARD VAN.- SITrrART, Canadian Field Arti.- lery. So o late. John Pennather Vant- tart, IMndI. Was brought up in Caada. TL

f! L.W.rr

LT.COL t. MI1 I., d S9.t*eI7 a[ Lady Gtkalo I·t

MAJR J. FITZGERALD BHA ATYNE, Huarn. Son of late Mr. J. F. G. Banna- tyne and of rs. Bnltyne, of H·ldon., Deran, and Fanninaw Catle.

BRIG-GIMERAL C. G MORRISON C.M.G., PreIdett iof the Cs= C Uemm , O i ti-y Foroe. O1icily reprte kiled i a moter

CAST. s a RC RT$O knI P. W.. W.d ww. gd..*I h.4Mg -u a .g” W. – .CM Ui, 0*OeYr Il oirtYr

CAPT. A. G. W STON-BURN, LCae Surr R.t. Soo . latef Colonel A G. W. Burn, Madr Stan Corn. Serd in South Afric.

CAPT. W. K. H. Wr.SOr, Dme hi’ R.im Died .1 neues -1.1W i. d- Aged

CAP[. WR)RID M.LAG’ON ý., Ckhke RhesR S of I. d1(! U- ad.. d L.%* . S eekr, I Alh le W ” Menhr-eWle.

urrk Cd . i. EUd, Sak.eLt..m d s~s. W dIWAsM l ..a d M Hl, L.dmis.

CAPL. C. “.L L .PU -n Ce. mea-v. so a– W16 M-. & C, Prie I|.lP ea d Lr

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