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For King and Country: Officers on the Roll of Honour

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MAJOR A. T. SEARLE DICKINSON, dia Army. Mentioned three times in dptches. Oficially reported killed at ctipho.

MAJOR R. CROSTIWANT COLQJHOUN, R KLL H.Y.S. ” halhe.2 KIIId io Battle of JuMId. Soo of l.t. Rev. n. CoI- -W 4 ChhpL 6. Adi nAt.

LT.-COMXR. D. W. SNAPTO DOUGLAS, B.YA “DBlc Priam xld i 3.Bttle of Jutk. $a d Mate ir.I Sit A thib1d L D.q.B .C L C, G.C.V.O.

REV. R. MAiIL IIRWAM, R.N. cb.i,3~ kim EW.Mk- P. c., M- 3S.. f 1. Ro I D5… .5 H.i5 W. M5k.. Zk, 3.Nky C.-.

CAPTAIN HUNTERPFORBES KJiod A . deppt ebr Sur Gnai ·ctioa xmea ®xrp~tamt..

T SURG. PHILIP D. PICKLES, R.N.V.R. S D. ID I. PkkI, L.W. Killed 1o RYS. “ý Ru.-IL”

hEG.-LT. S. ALAN ADAMS, ‘d.t “InM tpbM”Xilkd – B.ttl. of JutkI Smo of Mr. S. A. Arnr..P.

‘F LEmT. 3. I. TAYLOR, I C-.’-n Idb. S.-os Iu. I RH. TayI,4 .a f I ~ inzgrz 6rrzf

RID. C. H C. SUMMERS. KL&’. Idd~dpW..” be of GpL .M mmI S, —I KEW e R.R. .1 JMI d

£3 SASST.-PAYMASTER R. A. LVERSIDGE, R.NR. H.M.S. ” hm .bl . Kiled m tlb flont, of JutwM.

I LT.-COL W. 3EADON. C I Indi, Arm.y. Killed inm U.- I S I pot.mi..tMio.ed i L Wt-che, Sues canal actao.

LINUT-COIL G. MURRAY- BROWUE, IILIM.& !adddhpbk.”Killed i. Ded.*l of juelao.

Mm. ANTHONY F. NALD. wIN, R.N, Taueera1 Mr. 34.,d rTdeWw.:,,wrbt -W

CAPT. i DE T. MOUILLOT, Indian Army. So (o lte Dk. Mouiiet, Harroga4 Died or wond.

SURG. J. S. D. MAC COR1AC1 HMS. Bl k Prince” Blled m Bankl of Jotwmd Soo of Mr. William MaoCnrmu

CAPT. LESLIE A. YOUNG, London Regiment Son of late Mr. E. A. Young, of Tan-y-Bryn, Banger.

aim LT. H. T. PATERSON, SualkR imm Had ban a ,,dical amt Y Middk. Ho d.1.

RID STUART . N. DOLTON. R.YS “”I ddatigple. *ffi- fl.tti. of Jotlu..

MAJOR PERCIVAL E KNAPP, Indian Army. Kiled at Sheik Saud Meo- tiond in despatches, Sue Canl action. Had a distinguished record.

MAJOR P. P. BALLACHEY, Caudian Infanta. Of fIcily reported kild Pr·cti. Promoted to the r.ok of Major, Nambor gs5.

LT.-COMJR. ROBERT C. HALAHA1. R.N, Sportd by the Ad.kitby a h..iag b il in action. Promted Bent. mmander Neeembhr rgrl .

SURGEON GEORGE SUORLARD, H.YS. “l,.iedbh’.1d ‘ “Th. And ..g Rerhchurch, a Buhh mst..ted e Wk i. tbh Bett of Jo.hd.

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