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For King and Country: Officers on the Roll of Honour

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»r u· MAJ.VIS UNT CRICHTON, N.V.O., D.S.O. EId t son of fourth Erl of Eo. Moorried LadMary Gro.,noor. H1i .on, the He.. John Crichton, is no, sis Eorl.

j j -0Io LIEUT. R S. R PORTER, 13oth (King George’. Own) Eauchin h Indian Arm.y Offic.ally reported killed in action.

‘I CAPTAIN H. IL MART!N Sep be ~914 ;promoted Temporary Captino Doo.eher t9tS. Doed of womrood….

CAPTAIN 8 L BIRKINSHAW GoW~n Mo tmd RRk. Wa promote C pt f i Otober rpr5 Of cs. reported Mod beectio

II r

CAPT. F. S. GILLESPIE, R Suns Reit Son of Mr. and o. Gillspi, of HoUo Coomb, Sydo..h-

,’n LIEUT. H. S. WOOLER, W. Yorbhire Rqt. Men- Uoned in despabch iJn.. ……” i action.-

LIEUT. IAN ROBERTSON, QmeronHigbI~nders. bo of NI. 3. S. Robeto,. Gl.s- go. Killed m .too.

LIEU?. A. A. WARfLYN. P.P.C.L.L Son of M. Fr.edeiri Lomb W.okiyn. of the. C.. dW~ Peci~c Railw·.Yootro L

LIEUT.R. C. ORDINGLEY. G odi . Bigh ; )Ichioe- Gun Compmy.~ Killd i ýttiso

– I

1-CAPT. C. L. PENNEPATHER, RinR Brigade. Son of Major W. V. Prnnefother, Welsh L Rriornt. Klled o action.

B 2D LIEUT. S G. RIDLEY RoyiF yingCorp Hab Gm offcially reported killd in E pt-

`”” 4i

CAPTAIN LORD ELCHO, Gbueerter Yeomanry. Eldest cn of the Ejrl of Wemps. Married Lady Violet Manners.

LIEUT RICHARD WILLIS, Loy.I N. L.,c.hir. Reit LKA., O on Son of the LTte Yo. James Wilbo, I.S.0

LIEUT. CA. MACRAE, Army Service Corps. Soo of Ir. and Mrs. C. C. Macae, Moon Stoke Hou , Hots.

I f av L7r. EDWARD HOARE, Gr-n~d,- Guards Killed in action. A gl d 33. R n ided Cavendish Ldge, Purley

LT.WILIAMdK -BENETT. ArgyII and Suthead H.gh- I nder Son ol Major BRnnen, Struon Lodge, Donoon. Argyll.

all LT. C. FREEMAN-COWEN. RFA. Younml m of M. F-n-Cow n, of Chorlo Wood, He.. Killerd in .tioO

LIEUT. J. H. LOWDEN, South Afrkan In~ootr. Son of Mr. T. W. Lowden, Kruge- drp

CAPTAIN H. R. H. O’BRIEN, RF.A. Son of Lo,,t.CoL J. 0 Bnno Induan Medical Sorice (retoed) and Mrs. Q’Brien, of Nowated, IdoOo. Killed in action. ‘

-I CAPTAIN T. G. GRICE. Sco..h Ri V. Youngpo soo of M . )oho Grice, of Mellouron, Australia. Did n” wo nd.

zý’ I LIEUT. G. K ROSS. Canad bn Infatry, Caindia E- p di.d oru, Force. Has been offi6.1Iy reported to have been kiEM i. ·Oian.

1 CAPTAIN W. H. V. VAN DER SUISSEN CauidI. Inantry. Was . subarnm mn First Contingent . Capt~ai, September aa5: SSaiffI Caphain. Janaary .9.6. Kclk d t arara.

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