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For King and Country: Officers on the Roll of Honour

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II *v- JS LINFt A .. HAMILTU. ii :,,,,,.;:· ‘ kn; lnmm~n }n, 8d I r

M A;J: M:)NTACU M. C.hrPBFL.L, ` r.; i; R.:nkrl J’ il M .r . Roruelt M. Ciflit*..,’· A~ r.llnnl~lk AYr SnaC ‘ S Arr. 1 – 11 -I~ i~-rh l

SII I.J”T CD. LR.C VM’i.LIAM 3LNSDN, Kiny’s Royll Rr’ cornlps. Or.>’ oro of SoI F.’rk Brfs:,; ri thor~ouso oili pd Lady EFh. snn

MAJOR HARRY H. BROMFIELD, D.S.O., Welsh Guards. Fought with dtstinction in S. Afriran War.

LIEUT-COL. JAMES MORTIMER, C.M GC, V Ml<} reRct. Sonn n(ii- j

LIElUT. THE HON. E. WYNDHAM TENNANT, Gm’. .i; Gauds. Son o. sý ý i La .y GleniOmonoe

L : T. R W. L. CRAWFORD, R F A. Son of Mr. Frederick L. CGaoif, Canadlan Bank of Cnomrrnnc. Vicwrna.

2Nu LIEUT. OLLYETT MENDS-GIBSON, R.F.A. Younger son of Mr. and M~, Henry Mends-Gibron. F

CAPT. LUCIEN EUGENE OUDIN, M.C., Duke of Corwall’s L.I. Son of Mrs. Eugene Oudin.

CAPT. H. STAPLETON, Hamprhire Regt. Son of Rev. H. Stapleton, Kirby Hill Vicarage, Bcroughbrldge

LT.-COL. A. F. TOWNSHEND, Scottish Rifles. Son of late Lt.-Col. H. F. T. Towashend, of Ctasle Townshend.

f Il ERIC NOEL PLAYER, Yorkshire Regt. Killed whle gallantly leadirg his men.

CAPT. S. A. R. WOODBRIDGE, R. Warwickshire Regt. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Woodbridge, jun.

MAJOR T. M. D. BAILIE, 1 Irih Guards. Son Ci MaTcr- Genrrnl and Mr. Ba:’ýe. Cnldrernit HC::.p, Abmcddrr

CAPTAIN THE HON. RIGHARD P. S1ANHOF’E Grenadier Guarus. Brother of Eal Shanhorh

TEMP.-LIEUT. MAURICE CHRISTIE-MURRAY, M.C., Son of late David Christie- Murray, the noo list.

CAPT. E. G. COOPER, King’s African Rifles, and KInR’s Liverpool Regt. Son iof Mir. Samuel Cooper.

CAPT. F. T. BURROUGH, King’s Shropshire L.I. Son of Mrs. Burrough, Weston- super-Mare.

MAJOR C. CHARLES DICKENS, a.ondcn Rer. Son of Mr. Henry Fiel~:r ! Dl.kens, KC, and Mrs. Dickens, Mulbfrr Wr, CI (‘ ,.ea.

MAJOR W. NEVILLE PITT, I Lincornshire Regt. Son at CoL. William Pitt, RE. (retired) and Mrs Pint, Wrotnae. F io~re n S Afri. King .

LIEUT.-COLONEL F. SHAKESPEARE PEARSON, LL.B., Army Servie Corps. Only son of Mr. Howard S. Fearson.

MAJOR GEORGE E. VAUGHAN, M.C, Ccldstream Guards. San of late Edmund Mallet Vaughan, of Lapley, Staffordshire. Fought throughout the war.

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