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For King and Country: Officers on the Roll of Honour

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COLONEL SIR HORACE G. PROCTOR- BEAUCHAMP, C.B., Norfolk Regt. Distinguished military record: Soudan and South Afrca.

CAPTAIN RUPERT G RAW, D.S.O.. Northumb,,bed Fusilier. Awarded DSO, S. Aine. War. Son 01 Mr. George Henry Row, Albert Court. SW.

COMMR H. C. WOOLLCOMBE-BOYCE, R.N., Son of ht Arthur Coortny Woolommbr Boyce. Berkshire Rqgt. Lost at ..

CAPTAIN J. C. McdLLLAN, R. Scots FMuilier (attd. R.F.C.). Son of Mr. and Mrs . McMillan, of Brightlingaea.

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CAPT. B. J. C. DUDLEY, Dorset Ret. Son of Brigade- Surgon Llcut.-Col. W. E. Dudley. Portland Plx. Bath.

2Nn LIEUL. W. C. HARRIS. Gkuceter Rst. Officially reported as havin been killed I. action.

LT. MICHEL S. DE BAY, Pnncess Patncia’s Cancdian L.I. Son of Mr. J. S. de Bay, Imp. Mun. Board. Ottawa.

FLIGHT LIEUT. H. M. E. ADIE, R. Flying Corp. Son of Mr. J. Adie, of Ontario.

LIEUT. E. O. BRICE KILLEN, R.E. Only on of Mr. – Brice Kallen, Bedford.

Zao LIEUT. EDMUND D. SPICER, R.F.C. Youenest son of Mr. and Mrs. Newton Spicer.

LIEUT. ALFRED H. WIL- LOUCHBY, R.N, Ofmcially reported s havi been lost t se.

COMMR. THE HON. RICHARD O. B. BRIDGE- RICHAN R.N., DS.O. Bothr of Earl of Bradford.

LIEUT. GUY EWEN. Attd. Nged.an Rct. Soc of kfr. ad Mn. Walter C. H. Ets of Deose.o. Th1.toc.


CAPTAIN P. A. H. THORNILEY. M.C., M.echedter Rect. Soe of Mr. P. W. Thoraik’. Wem.

2- LT. C. V. THOMPSON. E. LUncshim Reft. Son of Mr. Alxa.nder Thopson., of Seymour Gardens, lford.

No LIEUT. E. C. LIVSEYE East Yorkohire Regt. Only son of Mrs. Livsey, of Leigh. on-Sea. Eooe.

LIEUT. S. C. CHEVERTON. Border Ret.’ Son of Lieut.- Col. F. J. Cheverton, Durham L.I.. of Pockligton.

LIEU. CHARLES ARNOLD OWES, w. Torbksh Rqt Son of Mr. W H. Ovn.n Lbnoo1k

MAJOR W. T. HEAGERTY. R Suss: Rant. Son of Ilto M4r. Willin Bowvne Hinnerty. Eastboone.. Died of mounds.

2no LIEUT. T. V. TYRWHITT-DRAKE, Rifle BThicdo. Son of Mr. Arthur Tyrohitt- Drake, Aldoo. Yeovil. lte of HoIMt Pork. Sherborm.

CAPTAIN H. B. MLLLMAN, Leoiter Rect. Onloy srvivin gon of Mr. A. MblnOO. Woodsome Lodge. Woybridgo, Suorry.

COLONEL R E. CAREW, Of Bali,.mou. Park. Waterfod. DI.d at I to.het Dore MIlImtr Hmotn4 Bwdon. month, hrm ilfna cntractd on -W.c~

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