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For King and Country: Officers on the Roll of Honour

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c”W IAll 11 “I’ , SK,’

ni4` 4:TN IL]’ R Y ,I23 C R.N. .Soy of ” ev H. C c^1 M C. I, ck, H..”. h .”. WL “J, :

4PW.O . ‘ K+ $

W–R’E1PI t^, SB oflae Mr Arýor Beraohnn. ni ,f Mts. Bocs.a . ps c: M~ut* Rofi.:

F 0 CAPTAIN -J. R. ANTHONY, ·. @(Rorýý Flying Corps. r~eSon of the Irate A’derman Anthony, of P1ielh’f, North !! Wales

LIEUT. C. ALFRED DE L ALOUBHE, B – R’nt Hisb’ oR- EegB ,..,”y ier~nlte.i i eIA in ,,ztion.

MAJOR S. M. BALFOUR, Rcy.F yUR Co-rps. O :F. y H re 1 Q? Ce.l s K led w hte on x.. duty

MAI)R A [) NEWTON, Roy’~ Fiv’n- C , rs Has 1 een oTJ’ly a iK eing Ce li w . nn c iv,, e “6 i s n l

COLIN BLYTHE, T..e fanmus Ken’ bhwr. Klei a! the Frzn!, wit. fiur bmradP, by a sh’l.

2- LIEUT. J. MACLEOD HUTCHESON. t Sutes Regt. Officially reported as bangp ki~led nt action.

LILUT-COL T C iRV!NC. DSC, Cnr..inr. EncEne;rs. Cin’ ovel · w:th tie first conrncen’. Diets ¾ w~un 1,

LIEUT.-COL. DAVID GRAHAM McNICOL:. D.SO, a Q R. Fusilets. Son cf the late Mr David McNicol: and of Mrs McNo oI, Shieffld.

BKlG..GLN. B BR DFOr , V.G F Pro ed ! age -f 25. Y un~rOs s.r of r.e 1,.,r M. rogo Bg frd, fn- sultr’tg Mirng Er; F> i Darllrmton.

MAJOR E. A. DE ROTHSCHILD, Yeomanry. Second son of late M Leopold de Rotonah,’d, and of Mrs, ce Roth’chi:d, Hami’ton Place. W. L ·—-·- .~~~

CAPTAIN R V. AGiUS, London Regt. Youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Agius, Be!size Grove, NW.

i MAJOR FRANK CCL PMITH, M.C. I Han, h.grt Regt. Youngest on of M! Juones Codd,,r’ Old B od.o’th,

i ii ‘AFT. T. R. CCLYER FERGUSSONN V.G Nbrth’o Root Award-! VC. for m jt -onsJ y1bS wrrvery and skilfu’ leding

K~._, MC.- I.-,.. _~ B.) j CAl ,AIN W A. BOND, K.’g’s Own Yorkshire L.1. Reporte mirlsr> now reported killed.

!- i :~ii I E CAPTAIN P H. FERGUSON, Roa] Fie’d Artillery. Went to France in 1914. Cffici:lly eported ~a bain ki!e- in action.

CAPTAIN C. L. M. ROBERTS, R. Warvwck Regt. Son of the Rev A. P. and Mrs. Roberts, St. Margaret’s Lodse, Ladvwood Road Birmingham

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Dec, 22 1917

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