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For King and Country: Officers on the Roll of Honour

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MAJOR C F. T. LINDSAY, R F.A. Second son of LI -Col M r..an Lmndsay, Ysttad Mynac!., Glamogansrhire, and GClsnevin House, Co. Dublin. Mentioned in despatches.

MAJOR NOEL S. THORNTON Rifle Brigade. Youngest son of th)e Rev. John and Mrs. Thornton, of Betchworth, Surrey. Had been mentioned in despatches. Killed in oation. i

j! I MAJOR O. WAKEFORD, Royal Garrison Artillery. Was pre- viously reported wounded, now officially reported as having died of wounds.

itw -MAJOR OEOFFREY I! NEAME. M.C.. * R.F.A. Soo of Mr. and Mrs. I Froeiarick Neaoo~. of Colkmn; Faversham. Offricialy eported 4 killed io action.

I LIUT. ARCHIBALD T. F. LINDSAY, R E. Third son of Lieut.-Col. Morgan Lindsay, Ystrad Mynach, Glamorganshire, and Glasnevin House, Co. Dublin. L..I.,. …..1. .

LIEUT.-COL. JOHN E. C. DARLEY, Hussars. Had o dis- tinguished record for service in the South African War. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Welling- ton Darley, Violet low, Ireland.

OL CAPT. W. S STRACHAN, R.E. Son of late Mr. Ceox. Straoh n, Victoria e Stret. SW.. onsultiog en- ginereo. ad a nepho, of the 1tn W. T. Stead.

ý! r LIEUT.-COL JOHNS COLLINGS-WELLS, V.C., D S.O., Bedford Regt. Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Collings-Wells, Ca.ddington Hall, Dunstable. Awarded, posthumously, the V.C. for great braver’ after twice being wounded.

BRIG.-GEN. ROBERT GORE, C.B., C.M.G., Argyll and Sutherland High- landers. Mentionedin despatches. Son of Mr. Nathaniel Gore. Killed in action. r..- …,……..,….ý ý,

LIEUT.-COL TREVOR CARUS-WILSON. DS.O.. D. of Coowll’s L.I. Son of late Mr. E. S. Carus-Wilson. Penmount. Troro. Thric mentioned in despatches.

i U i LIEUT. LESLIE CHARLES GLADDEN. Essen Regiment Youneot son of Mr. Frank G. Gladden, of W, SeIvyn Avoooo Richmond. SW. Kiled in ction. Aged 19.

CAPT. W. LISTER READ, M. C., Cheshir Reg. Son of Mr. W. IJ.Reo, Moorfield. Heath Rd.. Stockport. Officially.r-ported as having beenkilled in ation.n

LIEUT.-COL L. J. LE FLEMING, East Surrey Regiment. Had a distinguished record for service in the South African War. Youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Le Flemig., Eton House, Ton- bridge, Kent.

‘Fi r CAPT. E. S. APLIN. Woreater Ret. Son of CoL C L Apilo. Clinton loden. Bod- . loigh Soltorton, Sooth Dvon,. and grandoon of .t. Adomiral E. D’O. D’A. Apl.

MAJOR D. C. STEPHEN- SON, D.S.O., M.C., Royal Horse Artillery. Eldest son of the late Lieut.-Col. K. Stephenson, R.H.A., and Mrs. Stephenson.

LI LT.-COL. S. R. SEBASTIAN4, Oxoo and Bucks LI. Son of Mr. Lewis Boyd Sebaotian. Lex- hoom Gardens, W. Meotioned indespatches. -ThI .Thi

I e } ‘i LIEUT.-COL. CECIL B MORGAN7 D n Durhm L.I. younger son of late I Thomas Morgan F.S.A. Had a diatiraiahod sorvice reord. South Afriuan wa.

1 i -ji r j’i MAJOR HERBERT WHITEHOUSE, R.RA. Son of Mr Philip Whitehousa Moorfkelds Chnrch Lon Handaworth’ Wood . B irmi inhm am1

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