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For King and Country: Officers on the Roll of Honour

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! t S T T. JOHN E. V. RATH- i BONE. I En”1 ko Sr Kr . Johns W ood. N W Pvously wounded

I . . CAPT WALTER ALEXANDER TYRRELL. MC. Fl;KhtCmmander R A.S. Son of fS er m nJohn Tyrrl’,l. exH.:lI S – ·;: of Be’! st. an . Mm. i . . . . . . . . .

CAPTAIN D. V. MUL- HOLLAND. Australan M e Gun Corps. Ha. belen ad hly reported of haant died of wounds while on active service.

CAPT. WILFRID H. G Northumbrland FuiIa Son of Colo.) ad Mns Cetli L B. kow. The Old Well II :ateC Fous Row. Sum.

E R 2,r. LIE’JT. -,HARLES F HAITLLY. Cs ds!rre r Cu s &n of 0 Mr. e d Miu H. H..rtllep. S Megrniond F.n ir lrI Grp-n. Mcnllo-d t Ir y ýrit E

MAJOR FRANCIS SHULDAM WATSON, D.S.O., R.C.A. Second son of the late Colonen John Whaley Watson, Bom- bay Political Depart- ment, and of Mrs. Watson, Swainswck, near Bath. Wasn wInoo

CAPT. ALAN BLACK. City of Dundee (T.) Eneiosar So, of the late Mr. David Black. of Petrop.. and of Meo. Black. Dundee, and hus- band of Ms.. Black. Sidcupe

– -i -~ ‘4 CAPT. ERIC F’JLTON HAPVIE MC,, Gordon Hit – .r.n irTr sccnd rn of MI.Lan Mi 1r, n W. Hirv e. Kindn r.i. Bniston, C,,esI:rI. Had n rveA wi h ! t;ncIn. any was kV,% in anot n on j~Jnne 15.

g !m BlI

BRIG. – GEN. FREDERICK WILLIAM LUMSDEN. V.C., D S.0.. C.B., Royal Marnne A-::Iery. Sen of the late Mr. J. F. Lumnden, Ind:an C:vll Serree.

MAJOR CHARLES T. ANDERSON ROBERTSON, Gordon Hihlnders Son of the late Mr. Robert Robertwn..V.O., Peterdhead Aber- deenahire. Mentoed thrice in depatch .

ZanLIEUT. ARTHUR HYDE HILLS Hamps.ir Ract. Yoo at a of Mr. .od U. Walte Hills. of W..tb.7. Ryda, W. of Wight Has bh. omd- ally roportd a havig b® kdilld In aotim.

– 2no LIEUT. R. G. SIM- MONS, s Royal Fuslhers. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Simmons. of Little Somerford, Chippenham, Wilts. Killed in action. L … … … …… . .. ..,,.J

T i f. ‘r

MAJOR ARTHUR SPRAY, M.C., Tank Corps. Was the son of Mi. John Spray, a well-known resident of Notting- ham. Has been offcl- ally reported as having been killed by shell- en, in May last. m ý al9-

CAPT. VICTOR FRANCIS R.GA. Eldmttmw iv I a o Mr. and U. Manu F. Cam Qomor Hous, oackhsath. Killed is action.

FLIGHT-LIEUT. ROBERT CHRISTOPHER PACKE. R.N.A.S. Elder son of Mr. and Mrs Vere Packe. Gelde- ston Hall, Norfolk, and Falkland Islands.

ii CAPT. J. A. NORMAN HESS- LER. Durham Light Infantry. Elder suriving son of Mr. and Mo. I. K M. Healer, Wyndcliffo. Seaton Car.,.

CAPT. IVAN C. ACLEAN, DSO, M.L (AND BAR), RA.C. Son of Maior-Geera H. J. Madean. Rule Briade. Awarded D.S.O. after the Battle of Ypreo. 1917.

CAPT. DUGDALE ASILEY, R. Sfliro et Son of I .and Mn. 1. D O. W. Mt~sy. of Hungerford, ferk& Mentioned In deapatchea.

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