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For King and Country: Officers on the Roll of Honour

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CAPT. HUGH O’D. MACAW. East SuRs Rqt Onldy -o of MtR Edith Macon. 3. F_- ett Roado,.n4.toe. Die d wound.

LIEUT. REGINALD EDWARD WOOD. The B .* Sm ofM N. R G. Wood. IP, o1 Roqoobnm., Julan Rood, Fo&e.t. Died f womd.

LIEUTENANT DONALD COOPER. I Cordon Hlchaadma KiIId ie aotim. Sn maNjo r und M- Cooper, d Tam Kith. N.0.

CATLW.EAS2~~ sTh. Yur.r r Rqt ac.y – of Id re: b. WI a Em.t. S.lh. of 3o..- o.WM .d ofMmEci S~kb Ph. WThm c..

LEULT. PETER SYDEN HAM DIXON. R. Su: Ret. Sao..n d of Wood Vr. Cerliele. Killed .dction.

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MAJOR R E. OR- DON. ILC. Royal FP1ld AflD.y. Th a1ba St.i dWd of e H. .r mP o1ad “Mae at o athleti cic4

7, GAFF. GEOFFREY GEE SIDE BOWEN. ML. L–, F.MWL Se d W. J. C. C. Bowes d BoDbq. aU Oc MuL Bm Damst Cotten. L D

I MAJOR C. D. BOOKER. RoyaJ Ai F . late R.N.AS. He bhd b..e .n.rded the D .C, and Curi de Ou..n.. with palm and eter

ý ý : ýý , ý ý`ý ýýý, r >ý ý i ýýý ýý

AJOR F. I. GARY. mL. ChsI Ontai Rqt An- ,ommd = having died d vat -W in a.ction at tbe FronL

MAJOR JOH LOCKIua Yc., MOAC Yos.wt m at Ur. ad am John L.3. d &aak”d. Sort! Omiald Rood. Edr.h..h. Wa mrd aa. Yitnry Cm kIs )

GAIT. GERALD W. LAICASTER. Y .tk ks RqIL DId o Il IL DOeb a o the ke. I. W. H Lms I d D.oomh Woobdthop. ad d Dim Liauo d Gwhais lbs Prk. Not- tkrh~o

2m LIEUT. ROBIN r WATTS, LJ Roy.1 WtKtRel SH Mao rpodad m idl th. Ros

MAJOR A. G. P. HEYNWO. lot bAulr Re4t. Yogui~t ma d the lot Sr Arlbw Her wood., at. d Lo ILowood. ofCoes LOlL o . So loddth.. Died of

s. UEJT. D. C. @HR R.A. 4 s d )r. sad PnFr-uou. d Bugi. 8ouy fli d mund

CAPT. T. NEW!4. Y.C.. L.cts.n Fffi.. A- .mmad by the W& Odwm u hb-i died od womdr.

CAPT. ATHERIWN HAROLD CHMSiA [email protected] L..ws. 0*l s d . ad awm P.nbal – Yak o Cps Pk, 7gdm Otaco

CAPT. LalOX PMA P FIOGU Vat Ket Raft. (Th Bfab). Edr -e d M. T. PimP p1.4. II P.RLB.A~. sd d Ku. SI.. C HpdEH Sqm W. j

a. LIE?. -aRR AWR UDWARM Mat Ymu Ret. S on Bas. Z. HL Ed.wdL rA.LU. an . thea in. S. – E ma i D I a ao

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