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For King and Country: Officers on the Roll of Honour

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24o LIEUT. D. H. A. SIMSON. R.F.A. Only child of the late Mr. David Sirnon, and of Mr. Slmson, Ickleford Manor, Hitchin.

2 o LIEUT. WILLIAM G CHARLTON, Durham LI. Killed in c- tion. Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Charlton, Seaton Dnel- val.

LIEUT. (ACTING CAPTAIN) H. BEAN, Seaforth Highlanders. Aged twenty-three. Has been reported by the authorities as having been killed in action.

LIEUT. FRANK ALAN HICKS, M.C., Royal Fusiier. Eldest son of Mr. Alan Hicks, of Groat Moneys, Ashstead. Men- tioned in despatches.

2m LIEUT. S. F. J. CAMPBELL, London Rifl Brigade. Killd in action in Frce. Son of Mr. F. Campbell. Somerset Road, Waithomotew.

It/ CAPT. DUDLEY G. A. ALLEN, R.A.F. Second son of Mr. and Mrs A. W. Allen, late of St. Pierre, Willeden Green. Killed in action.

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LT.-COL R. D. FALCONAR- SrEWART, D.SO.. A. and S Highlanders So, of Mr. George F or-Stewart, late Secrtary to the LoErl Gvertn- ment Board for Scotland

LIEUT. GERALD DRUMMOND, M.C. Scots GaCrds. Only on of Mor and Mrs. Archibald S. Drum- mond, of the Chontry. Bikly. Strud.


LT.-COL. CHARLES E. R. HOLROYD- SMYTH, M.C., Dragoon Guards. Second son of the late Col. J. H. G. Holhoyd- Smyth, C.M.G., and Lady Harritte G. I. Holroyd-Smyth, daughter of the fifth Earl of Mount Cashell.

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LIEUT.-COLONEL. 1. G. DOOCER. DSO., CROIX DE GUERRE. Royal Field Artle y. Has b- reported as kiled I . tion. Awarded the Distht. -ulsW Servk. Olde. and also decorated by the French.

LIEUT. I. H. TIURNER M.C., Roy.] West Kent Rst. Hurbbnd of UM,. Turner. of St. Abbe. South Norwood Hill S3..

MAJOR H. C. B. KIRKPATRICK, DS.O, MC., Kg’s Own Sottish Bordersn. Had been reported msing–now reported beieved to have been killed.

CAPT. H. A. FMIN KLC. Yeoanry. Reported ashaving die of woumds rceived on active r*. Was awaded the Militay Coms so neat gallantry in action.

2- LIEUT. JOHN STAN- LEY CORLESS, L Sherwood Foresters. Yooe st we o Mr. .sd Mn Wu!iam B. Cs.i., of Ukrim GOre.e, Lasncoter.

LIEUT. ARTHUR H. C. GALBRAITh. Royal Colon Artillery. Son of the late Haig-Gen. Sir Wlita.m Galbraith. CDB. and of Lady Galbrath.

LIEUT. D. R HUNT. RA.F. Eldat wn of lr. and Mm Dfaid Hunt, of Haathordm., M3iIan Road, I ccto.. Has bemn reported by tbo .otlwoltie. as haing been killed in action

PAYMASTER C GREN- VILLE MAILE, RoyI Natl Renr Killd In xtlm. Seond an of Mr. and Mrs CG.C. Meil., od Gder Creep.

LIEUT ROBERT STA~N- HARD HERBERT, R.AF OlonomfMr. Mn. Leonar Herbet, of Aran Mamioes, W. Killed on active service.

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