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Formamint the Germ-killing Throat Tablet

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Free your Mouth & Throat from the Germs that cause ALL for Health i” was the new E .National watchword recently influenza proposed by Mr. John Galsworthy. Sore Throat Sore Throat Do you endorse it ? – then you should join the huge and increasing army of people who Tonsillitis daily use Formnamint Tablets to keep their mouths and throats free from harmful bacteria. Quinsy ” Oral asepsis ” the doctors call this condi- Laryngitis tion, and they know how vitally important it is for defending the body against a multitude Diphtheria of dangerous germ-diseases. They know, for example, that when a con- Measles sumptive coughs or sneezes he literally sprays the air with tubercle bacilli which may easily infect Mumps anyone whose mouth is in an unhealthy state. Protect yourself, now and always, by the regular Pyorrhoea use of Formamint. It will be worth your while- if only to escape the troublesomne Colds and Sore Abscesses Throats which you are otherwise almost certain to catch. Gumboils Every day use genuine Dental Decay FORMAMINT Spongy Gums The Germ-killing Throat Tablet Tainted Breath Formamint cost, you no more than the so-called “anti- 5eptic” nmouth-washues, which are incapable of producing Sore Mouth true oral asepsis. But do not imagine that Formamint is only a preventive – its curative and healing properties are no Scarlet Fever less remarkable-especially in local affections like soreever throat and tonsillitis. Buy a hottle at your chemist’s to-day, price 2 2, but see Consumption that ii be irs our name and address on the label – otherwise you may get an inferior substitute. -and numerous The genuine original tablets are guaranteed to be ab- lutely harmless, and are so palatable that even children take other conditions them readily-a fact worth remembering during school epidemics when the youngsters must be protected. “I have no hesitation in stating that in Formamint Tablets we have an absolutely safe and certain way of keeping the Mouth and Throat free from Germ Infection.” Dr. W. L HOWARD, M.D. GENATOSAN, LTD. (British Purchasers of the Sanatogen Co.), Chairman: LADY MACKWORTH, 12, CHENIES ST., LONDON, W.C. 1 Note: To protect you from substitutionr, Formntaint will later on be given a new name, which will be announced shortly.

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