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French Infantry Charging with the Bayonet: Our Allies Victorious to the North of Arras

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Simuaously with the British advance announced by Sir John French on May 9, the French troops, it was officiay stated in a Paris communiqu, “made considerable progre to the north of Arras in the direction of Loos and to the south of Carency. In the latter region [the statemet continued] we captured en a front of 41 miles two, and sometimes three, lines of enemy trenches. . .. Our advance extended at certain points to 24 miles in depth. We took more than aooe prisoners and sinx uns.” The above drawing ilstrates a brilliant bayonet-attack made a little earlier in the same region by French infantry e the southern spur of Netre Dome de Lorette, nar Carency, a few miles north of Arras, and

abut halta betwh n that towLn and Bthuie. Notre Dame de Lorette itel has been the scee of some spledid French uacceses during the last few weeks. Fighting has been fier and continouso in the disrict. On April i it was announced in Paris: ” To the nrth of Arras we gained a brilliant success which completes that of last month. The whole spur south- oast of o Dame de Loret was caed with the bayonet by our troops, who now hold all the south-eastern sloes as far as the outer woodland fringe of Ablain St. Nrazaie. We took d Psonrs incudin se offic three trench-mnors and two machine-g”ns”.. a.– .ri Coyrigdd in Mw United Stki and CoJ.],

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