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From the Bank To—: The London Motor-'Bus as the Chariot of Mars

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When Kipling wrote ” There ain’t no ‘bes rnnin’ from the Bank to Mandalay,” he could not have anticipated the present Great War, when, metaphorically, ues are ruming from the Bank, if not to Mandalay, at least to many places at the front. The London motor-‘bus, indeed, is a feature of the war one, carrying rations, ammnition, reinforcing troop, and wounded.

It has done fine work, very often with a driver much more familiar with London streets than with the highways and byways acoro the Channel. An officer at the front bot echoed ar e bC i be wrote reountly, in etter hoe m : “We were in rthe a bed om , end th s wre getting very sultry, as the ammunition l running out At the nick of time it t do you think? A Hendon ‘m. I noecr was so glad to see a Hendon ‘bus before.” On another occasion it is recorded, not of motor-‘buses, but of London motor-‘bus drivers, ;a when diving tries, they took u rp te and, ninng a read, defended the conoy effectively ( gainst the enemy. I–

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Feb, 20 1915

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