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Get Genuine l / Sanatogen . for your Nerves. When you mix yourself a dose of real Sanatogen (why not do so to-day ?) you know that it will produce real effects on your health and nerve power-effects which you could not otherwise be sure of obtaining, pounded that its secret has baffled the ments from the medical profession, cleverest chemists) into nervous and just because it is the one tonic-food You know that every particle mental energy. which nroves its merits by real clinical of it will be easily and rapidly You know that there will quickly follow results. assimilated by all the twelve a sense of vigour, freshness and well- Knowing these things-knowing, too, different kinds of tissue of which being, which is the unmistakable sign of that a dose of Sanatogen costs you less improved health and nerve-power; which than a cup of tea or coffee in a restaurant your body is composed. cannot but increase your capacity for -you should no longer deprive yourself of work and enjoyment; and which ex- it now that it is absolutely and permanently You know that Sanatogen’s hilarates you like wine, but has no British. protein-element will be unfail- harmful effects. Buy a tin at your chemist’s to-day- ingly transmuted into healthy You know that for fifteen years past from 1/9 to 9/6-but be sure it is marked protoplasm, and its phosphoric Sanatogen has been constantly used by “Made at Pensance,” otherwise it will be millions of people in every part of the a spurious imitation. Later on we shall element (so cunningly com- world, and has won the highest endorse- re-name it “Genatosan.” GENATOSAN, LTD. (The British Purchasers of the Sanatogen Co.), *mý , 12, CHENIES STREET, LONDON, W.C. ” . * L. *

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Issue 4063. - Vol CL

Mar, 03 1917

Illustrated London News