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“When I ordered Sanatogen the boy was practically comatose . . within a fortnight he was running about the ward!” Medical Officer’s remarkable statement to Board of Guardians. Never has there been more dramatic and startling evidence of the value of Sanatogen -except, perha;s, when a former Home Secretary told the House of Commons that Sanatogen was “a national necessity.” That evidence is before us in a newspaper report, two columns long, of an interview between the local Board of Guardians and their :Medical Officer, who had prescribed Sanatogen for a sick child and thereby saved its life. (For obvious reasons we suppress names and places, but the original article can be seen at our London office). Now, as the little patient was an mm Ite of the local infirmary, everything prescribed for him “came out of the ratepayers’ pockets” ; so the Guardians were anxious to know whether Sanatogen was really a necessity in such cases. Then the doctor told them the facts-“straight and fair,” as one of them remarked afterwards. It was his duty, he said, to keep the child ahce if lie could. VWhen he ordered Sanatogen the boy was practically comatose-to all intents and purposes dead to the outside world-could not stand-could only swallow if fed on his back-and had to be nursed night and day. Yet within a fortnight of tlaring Sana’ogoe he was running about the ward i Thereupon, the Board passed, by 32 votes to none, a resolution that, after listening very carefully to their medical officer’s opinion, they approved of his ordering Sanatogen. Why genuine Sanatogen is essential Asked what Sanatogen was, the doctor said that it contained c iseinogen, prepared in a special way, and combined with a certain salt of phosphorus. If they could find anything else that combined those things in that way lie woull be very pleased to know it! Four times he had tried to do with substitutes, and each tiune the patiett had lo,t ground. There you have a perfectly independent, unbiassed statement-not really meant for the public ear-like that of the eminent plhsician who told a House of Commons Conmmittee that there was something aborut Sanatogen which made it superior to any preparations said to be thr satm: thing. Remember this when you are offered substitutes for Sanatogen. Rernermber that Sanatogen alone can produce these wonderful results- whether in saving a child’s life; restoring a nervous wreck to normal health and energy; building up wasted tissues and impoverished blood cells; increasing weight; hastening convalescence; or dispelling the fatigue, head- ache, and sleeplessness which beset the neurotic rman or woman of to day. GENATOSAN, LTD.(British Purchasers of the Sanatogen Co.) Chairman: LADY MACKWORTH, 12, CHENIES ST., LONDON. W.C. 1 Note: In buying Sanatogen at the chemist’s (from 1/9 per tin) see that it is labelled ” Manufactured at Penzance.:’ La’er on it will be re named Genatosan -“genuine Sanatogen “- to protect you from substitution.

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Issue 4094. - Vol CLI

Oct, 06 1917

Illustrated London News