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Globeol a Powerful Tonic

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A Powerful Tonic. Hastens Convalescence, 2″; f Forms Blood, Muscles & Nerves. l Increases Vitality. Globdol is a most , powerful blood – recon- stituent. It is composed of the total extract of red corpuscles of the blood, with all its ferments inl full activity, as well as the h]moglobin, to which are added an infinitesimal quantity of colloidal iron and manganese in order to re-enforce its beneficial effect on all sufferers from poorness of blood with its attendant evils. Globdol is being regularly prescribed by physicians in this country and abroad in all cases that call for energetic measures to restore strength and vitality to the system when it is weakened through disease, hwemorrhage arising from any cause whatsoever, anaemia, malnutrition, overwork, mental strain, nervous exhaustion, etc., etc. Moreover, Globeol is always well tolerated, inasmuch as it contains no drug or substance that can cause discomfort, even to the most delicate con- stitution. It is free from the usual disadvantages possessed by the majority of ferruginous preparations (digestive disorders, constipation, discolouration of teeth, etc.). It can be taken without risk by persons with a weak heart-in fact, Globdol has been styled ” the tonic of the heart,” seeing that it facilitates its functions by supplying it with pure, rich, healthy and buoyant blood. Tubercular patients also derive benefit from Globeol, as it increases the power of resistance of the organism, and thus gives the sufferer a more favourable chance of fighting against the invasion of Koch’s bacilli. Price 5/- per bottle. Pr pared at Chatelain’s Laboratories, Paris. Obtainable from all Chemists, or direct, post free, 5/3 from the British and Colonial Agents, HEPPELLS, Pharmacists, 164, Piccadilly, London, W. I, trom whom can also be obtained, post free, the full explana- tory booklets, ” Scientific Remedies,” and “Treatise on Diet.”

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Issue 4148. - Vol CLIII

Oct, 19 1918

Illustrated London News