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Godall's Egg Powder

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Made for YOU to save YOU money. This 7d. tin will save you -1 eggs. 8 T HOUGH Goodall’s Egg Powder is so largely used by the big cookery experts to get the best out of present flour, it isn’t intended just for them. It’s really meant for you, and it ‘s made so perfectly and so accurately that you can get just as good results as they do. And first time you try, too! IT looks quite ordinary-just a clean powder of beautiful yellow colour-yet it performs really wonderful things. It will save you three-quarters of the cost of eggs, yet give you cakes as light, as rich, as moist, and as delicious as if you had a pre-war larder to draw upon. Banish All Flour Troubles KEEP Goodall’s Egg Powder close by when you’re cooking, and you need never worry again about the drawbacks of flour. As Miss Elsie Mary Wright, Cordon Bleu Medallist of the National School of Cookery, Domestic Editress of “Everywoman’s Weekly,” reports: Goodall’s Egg Powder ‘complt/ely solves’ that trouble. “Are these really made from ordinary flour ? ” your folks will ask when they taste the cakes you make with Goodall’s Egg Powder. Proved by analysis IN the ” Times” Special pared. Its great advantage over other Food Number there ap- Egg substitutes is that it contains a peared an independent analysis minimum of baking powder, the con- the leading varieties of Egg sequence being that cakes, etc.. made of the leading varieties of Egg with it retain all their richness instead Powder. Miss Wright reports : of being dry and tasteless. The analy- “The Analysis of Goodall’s Egg is also shows that Gaoodall’s Egg Powder in the ‘ Times Food Num- her’ is evidence that it has been Powder contains valuable albumens most skilfully and scientifically pre- and phosphates.” NOW that foods are so dear, judge them by analysis and buy Goodalfs Egg Powder. Be sure you get the real thing- there are many Egg Powders, but nonr so good as GoodalFs. Write us if your grocer hasn’t it-or he can easily get it if you ask. 14. packets; 7d. and 1/1 tins. GOODALL, BACKHOUSE & CO., LEEDS.

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Issue 4125. - Vol CLII

May, 11 1918

Illustrated London News