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I HAD never been to Harrogate, but any misgivings I may have had that things at Harrogate would not be done as well as at Continental spas (the preconceived ideas of the average Englishmen that “they do things better abroad” are very difficult to dispel) were disposed of on entering the Royal Baths. Its palatial appearance convinced me at once that Harrogate worthily bears the title of “The Nation’s Spa.” The entrance hall, in which I was asked to wait, pending the arrival of Mr. Broome, the Corporation’s general manager of the baths, is an excellent example of classic architecture. I found in the Corporation’s general manager an old friend from another famous British spa. “So you want to know something about Harrogate?” was his cheery greeting. “I hope you have plenty of time at your disposal, as there is much to see.” The Corporation Spends £140,000. Noticing my obvious interest in the beauty of the surroundings, my companion queried, Too astonished to converse, 1 suppose Well, that is the impression the Koyal Baths make on every new visitor. They are un doubtedly the most palatial in Europe. They cost the Corporation no less than £140,000 to erect.” We wandered from department to department. These wonderful baths are equipped with every modern form of appliance used to alleviate pain and suffering, to restore the joy of life to the worn and weary, to heal the sick, and to give back the lost vigour of their limbs to the halt and the lame. Upwards of eighty different treatments are administered by specialists in fact, every well-known Continental method is available. Aix and Vichy douches, Ems in halation rooms, an extensive Plombiere installation for colitis, Nauheim baths for heart troubles, Schwalbach chalybeate baths to mention but a few. In addition, of course, are the unexcelled sulphur baths, peat and moor baths, needles and packs of every description, the new Harrogate hot-air treatment, the Harrogate peat massage baths (the only such in the world), and the whirlpool baths, for stiff joints, &c., as well as every proved form of electrical treatment. it was highly instructive to listen to the description of each section given by the specialist in charge. One of the rii’.’ny curative methods in which I was interested was the Dowsing radiant heat and light treatment. Here the patient is laid on a bed and surrounded by luminous radiant heat, which permeates the body and produces a gentle stimulation, aiding the circulation, relieving con gestion, and helping to eliminate matter by sub-oxidation. I understand that the system is utilised in cases of rheu matism, gout, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, and other similar diseases, as well as for skin affections and dis orders of the digestive organs. Have you seen anything finer than these baths on the Continent my guide remarked as we returned to the entrance hall. I had to admit that nowhere had I found anything superior for elegance and completeness of equipment. Tiie Famous Curative Waters. We now visited the three establishments where- the famous curative waters for drinking are obtained namely, the Central Hall of the Royal Baths, the Royal Pump Boom, and the Magnesia Well. I learned that there are no less than eighty-seven known springs, differing in strength and quality, within the Harrogate district. Of these waters, sixteen are used for internal adminis tration, the remainder being devoted to bathing purposes. Harrogate may therefore justly challenge all Europe for the great number and variety of its mineral waters. I As we emerged from the Magnesia Well my companion I remarked upon the point that Harrogate is not only a place for the invalid, but also caters for the jaded worker and seeker after rest. No “After-Cure” Necessary. Indicating a fine bandstand, he emphasised the fact that long before the breakfast hour a military band plays in the Crescent Gardens, and at other times during the day in the exquisite grounds of the Valley Gardens. Yonder is Harlow Moor,” said Mr. Broome, pointing eastward, and for those who have never explored the Yorkshire moors there are many delights in store. It is the very fine air from these moors which makes Harrogate unique, for without doubt the air is part and parcel of the cure. So much so that, unlike Continental cure resorts, no after-cure is necessary as a corollary to treatment in Harrogate. Amusements Help the Cure. A few minutes’ stroll brought us to the Kursaal, Harro gate’s main centre of entertainment. Here is a superb cafe and a delightful garden, with a bandstand set amidst a delightful array of exquisite flower-beds decked out with numberless coloured lamps, which at night make it a veritable fairyland. The al -fresco concerts are a great attraction, but are, nevertheless, surpassed by the performances given by the Kursaal orchestra, which is under the direction of the well-known conductor, Mr. Julian Clifford. Its programmes, which are augmented by specially selected artists of world-wide reputation, are worthy of any concert-hall in the world. I admitted to my genial guide that I was astonished at the manner in which the Corporation provides for the amusements of its visitors, so unlike the usual British style.But we have not finished yet,” he quizzingly added. At the Kursaal we also have variety entertainers, who are the cream of the profession then, in the immediate neighbourhood there are no less than three first-class golf courses, and regular motor char-a-banc excursions into the enchanted land which lies around Harrogate.” Harrogate’s Enchanting Countryside. These trips are made to Brimham Rocks, huge masses, some weighing fifty tons, the outcome of some stupendous cataclysm in the early days of the earth’s unrest Knares- borough Castle, to which the nobles who killed Thomas a Becket fled for safety St. Robert’s Cave, the scene of the murder of Daniel Clarke by Eugene Aram Haworth, the home of the Brontes and Pately Bridge, in Nidder- dale, which bears the proud title of the Switzerland of England.’ For the motorist there is no finer country than that of which Harrogate is the centre. “Could any visitor want more to attract him My own impression is that a month’s stay would not exhaust all the delights Harrogate offers. Facility of Access, And recollect that, taking Dondon as a centre, Harro gate can be reached in less time than it would have occupied under ordinary conditions for the traveller to start from the other side of the Channel on a long train journey to a Continental resort, where possibly, after twelve hours’ journey, if not more, he would arrive at his selected Bad in a state of, more or less, semi- collapse. Now compare that with the journey which you your self have made from King’s Cross Station by one of many of the Great Northern through express trains to Harro gate. Surrounded with every comfort, in the finest rolling- stock in the world, and without change of carriage, you were able to come from your place of departure to Harro gate with very little more trouble than it takes the Lon doner to go from King’s Cross to Piccadilly Circus.” “Are you satisfied now that for the Briton Harrogate is the finest and most get-at-able Spa in the world I candidly admitted I was convinced.It seems almost unnecessary to point out that the Harro gate Spa Cures are due to treatments given under medical supervision at the Royal Baths with water from medicinal wells owned by the “Corporation. But in the immediate neighbourhood of Harrogate there are certain other wells not belonging to the Corporation, which possess properties of great value as aperient and table waters. One well, owned by the Harrogate branch of Camwal (Ltd.), is of particular interest at the present time, inasmuch as the spring tapped gives forth waters when, standardised con taining similar properties to the German Apenta and Hungarian Hunyadi Janos. Aquaperia -A Harrogate Commercial Enterprise. Camwal have called their product Aquaperia. It is an aperient water, and has been scientifically proved superior to the enemy products. The merits of Aquaperia have been vouched for by leading members of the medical faculty. It i
s’ an undoubted fact that prior to the war many British doctors prescribed the regular use of Apenta and Hunyadi Janos because there was then no British competitor of equal merit, such as Aquaperia. Extensive sale has already been secured by Camwal (Ltd.) for Aquaperia. It is stocked by over 5,000 chemists in the United Kingdom, and the export trade is also assuming large proportions.The magnificent hotel accommodation, unequalled in any other Spa in the world, which Harrogate provides for its visitors, is proverbial. Some details of each are given hereunder in alphabetical sequence. Harrogate’s Superb Hotels. ADELPHI HOTEL is centrally situated for Harlow Moor, Valley Gardens, V’ells, and Baths, stands in its own private grounds. The terms at this hotel are moderate, although every convenience and comfort is pro vided for the benefit of visitors. HOTEL ALEXANDRA is a first-class family hotel, modernly furnished: and comfortable. It is situated oppo site the Stray, three minutes from Pump Room, Baths, and -Kursaal, commanding extensive views of moors and country. BEECHWOOD HOTEL. A spacious and high-class private hotel, commandingly situated in its own extensive grounds, and close to all the important points of interest. It is excellently furnished, has a well-appointed dining- room, large billiard and recreation rooms. The CAIRN HYDRO has accommodation for about 300 guests. A new wing, comprising spacious ballroom, lounge, and complete suite of baths, has recently been added. The Cairn has its own orchestra. The extensive grounds are laid out for tennis, croquet, and bowling. THE CROWN HOTEL adjoins Pump Room, Royal Baths, and the beautiful Valley Gardens. The hotel has 160 apartments and private suites. The tariff is one adapted to present-day conditions. All modern improve ments and conveniences are available. THE GRANBY is an ideal high-class family hotel for rest and quiet. It faces the Stray, is situated in its own extensive grounds, with south aspect. The hotel has been greatly enlarged, and is splendidly appointed. It is the nearest hotel to the golf links. THE GRAND HOTEL.– It overlooks the Valley Gardens, in the most commanding situation in Harrogate, is one minute from Baths and Wells, and has every con venience, comfort, and elegance, forming the typically ideal residential hotel. GEORGE HOTEL has a reputation as a high-class family house. It faces the Royal Baths and the Kursaal, is close to the Pump Room, and adjoins the Victoria Baths. It is admirably situated for invalids who require easy walking exercise only. HARLOW MANOR HYDRO occupies a healthy posi tion in close proximity to the moors, as well as being near to Baths and Wells. Stands in six acres of ground, ■which are laid out for tennis (grass and asphalte), croquet, and bowling. There is a garage and stabling. HARROGATE HYDRO occupies one of the most unique positions in the town, one minute from Baths, Royal Pump Room, and Kursaal. A resident physician is always in attendance, and hydropathic treatment is ad ministered all the year round. HOTEL MAJESTIC. Situated in its own park-like grounds of ten acres, it overlooks the Royal Baths and Pump Room. The appointments include a delightful winter garden, Oriental smoking-room, marble lounge, and billiard-room and garage. THE PRINCE OF WALES’ HOTEL is excellently situated, overlooking the Stray. Private suites with baths, as we’ll as bedrooms with bathroom attached, are available. The terms are considered very moderate in view of the advantages of the high-class style of the hotel. PROSPECT HOTEL and RESTAURANT are situated two minutes from Baths, Pump Room, and Kursaal. The restaurant is famed for recherche cuisine. Mr. C. Elleboudt, a Belgian, proprietor of the Continental and Palace Hotel, Blankenberghe, is the manager. QUEEN HOTEL, established in 1671, standing in its own beautiful grounds of five acres, facing the Stray, embodies all comforts, with reposeful and refined sur roundings. The hotel is heated throughout, has two electric lifts, stabling, large modern garage, with lock ups, &c. SOUTHLANDS PRIVATE HOTEL is a high-class private and residential hotel, luxuriously furnished, standing in an unrivalled position, three minutes from Pump Room, Baths, and Kursaal. There is splendid accommodation for 100 visitors. STRAY HOTEL. This new, up-to-date, high-class hotel was opened in July, 1912. It is a noteworthy advance in accommodation de luxe, at reasonable, inclusive charges. Standing in an acre of well-wooded grounds on the edge of the Stray, it enjoys great popularity. WELLINGTON HOTEL. An excellent residential hotel, from which the Pump Room, Baths, and Kursaal are only a couple of minutes distant. It has every pos sible modern convenience, electric light throughout, and lift to all floors. On receipt of a postcard, addressed F. J. C. Broome, Co poration Information Bureau, Royal Baths, Harrogate, the Corporation’s latest Illustrated Guide will be free to all who are Interested to acquire additional information concerning Harrogate.

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