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Hastening to a Fall: Turkey, the Germanised Belligerent

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In its statement of November I regarding Turkey, the Foreign Office said : ” The Minister of War, with his German advisers, has lately prepared an armed force for an attack upon Egypt. The Mosul and Damascus Army Corps have, since their mobilisation, been constantly sending troops south, preparatory to an invasion of Egypt and the Suez Canal from Akaba and Gaza. A large body of Bedouin Arabs has been called out and armed to assist in this venture, and some of these have crossed the Sinai frontier.” From Rafah, on the Sinai border near the coast of Palestine, and some twenty miles south-west of Gaza, starts one of the two main caravan-routes across the Sinai peninsula to Egypt.

The other starts from Akaba, at the head of the Gulf of that name. It was announced on November 3 that H M.S. ” Minerva ” had shelled Akaba, and that a British landing party destroyed the fort, the barracks, the post office, and the stores. The Emperor of Russia recently issued a manifesto, in which he said: “The valiant armies of Russia will have to triumph, not for the first time, over the Turkish hordes.” It has bee,. suggested that Turkey might try to lead a Holy War against the British Empire, but it is extremely unlihkely that any such attempt would succeed, in view of the proved loyalty of the Mohammedans in India and Egypt.

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