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Hill 60: From a Sketch by Our Artist with the British

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Mr. Villiers’ sketch, made only a day or se before the British victory at Hill 60, shows the actual scene of the fight. The nearer line of trenches and wire entanglements is .5:.t of our troops, while a little beyond is that of the enemy. Sir John French writes in his report of the 19th: ” On the evening of the ITth we exploded a mine under Hi!l 60, on the Ypres-Comines railway, just west of Zwartelen. This was immediately followed by an attack, which gained possession of the whole of the enemy’s trenches on the hill…. The enemy renewed the bombardment towards morning, and followed this at 6.30 a.m. with a determined counter-attack,. Our infantry, fighting with great

gallantry and determination, and well supported by the artillery, drove off the enemy with complete success. Our losses were very heavy, but the Germans suffered still more severely, particularly from our machine-guns, which caught them in close order in the open. Throughout the 17th the enemy repeatedly renewed his attacks, making desperate efforts to regain the position, which is of great importance …. At nightfall the whole hill was in our hands, and the ground gained had been consolidated. . .. . In the later fighting two more officers and thirty men were captured, making a total of four officers and forty-five men.”—Drawl,,g (rop’grrghtI in, the Uodnd Shates anl Canada.]

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